Yahoo Mail Not Working On Mac | 7 Ways To Solved

yahoo mail not working on mac

Electronic mail or email is a way to communicate with many people. There are many mail services that provide this benefit, here we are talking about Y Mail. Yahoo Mail supports multiple devices such as Windows, Android, Mac. But you are finding of Yahoo Mail Not Working On Mac.

Through this article, you will be able to give a solution on how to focus the problem of Yahoo Mail, why Yahoo Mail is not working on MacBook.

First Yahoo! know about.

Nowadays everyone knows about Yahoo, it is a famous and big company, it has millions of users all over the world who use its mail service. Yahoo Mail 1997 Yahoo! was launched by the company, it is also known as Y Mail.

It is considered to be the largest provider of services from Yahoo Mail. The main reason for its popularity is its name Yahoo!.

Yahoo Mail Problems on Mac:

You are mailing someone through yahoo mail and the mail is not being sent or even not being retrieved.
It may be that there is a problem with opening your mail account. If your yahoo mail account is working properly on an android device but you are facing a Yahoo mail problem on Mac.

Yahoo mail problem can be due to many reasons, see if you have any problem in the list given below.

  1. Have you checked the internet before opening yahoo mail, it could be a big problem.
  2. Is your mac system updated to open yahoo mail?
  3. It is possible that you have violated the policy of Yahoo, due to which your account has been suspended. And because of this, your yahoo mail is not opening on Mac.
  4. Your yahoo mail is working but yahoo is not working when you have installed third-party software. Sometimes yahoo mail service is not able to work after installing some software on Mac-book.
  5. If you have checked your system properly and it is working properly still yahoo mail is not opening. So you may have to face this problem due to the yahoo mail server being down.
  6. The browser needs to be up-to-date.

7 Solutions Of Yahoo Mail Not Working On Mac

If your mail is not working on Mac properly, then you will be able to get it to find by one of the solutions given below. If settled, the main problem can be due to reasons like you did not do any mail setting of yahoo properly and many more.

1. Yahoo Login Problem On Mac

Whenever you open a Yahoo mail account, Yahoo does not tell the correct information about your account.
From this it should be understood that you are inputting wrong email or password of your mail account.

If you have forgotten the login information of Yahoo Mail account, then you can also recover it. Follow the steps given below to get the login credentials.

Go to Yahoo! Mail website.

Click on Signing in Link.

After that You can enter your Phone number or recovery email address to reset the password.

A verification message will be sent to you from Yahoo, it will be sent to your recovery mail or to your phone number.

For some reason you are not able to recover your yahoo mail account on mac, then you can recover yahoo mail account step by step by reading this article.

2. Add Your Yahoo Mail Account again on Mac Mail

After updating the Mac’s application, remove the Yahoo Mail account and restart the Mac and add the account again.

  1. First Open Mac Mail on your Mac.
  2. And Click on Mail.
  3. After that Click on the Preferences option from the drop-down menu.
  4. Now Click on Accounts tab
  5. Click on the + tab.
  6. Choose your Mail Account Carrier(Yahoo).
  7. Add your Mail Account.
  8. Click on Next.
  9. Enter your Email Server info(IMAP, POP).
  10. Type your STMP Server info.
  11. Click on Create.

3. Check Your Yahoo Mail Account Setting On Mac

If you are not able to send and reply email to someone, then there can be many reasons behind this.
Have you changed any of Yahoo’s browser settings?

  • Spam folder – If an email is coming in your spam folder, then you should check the security.
  • Blocked address – Check the Blocked Address folder to you have accidentally blocked the email of the sender.
  • Email Filters – Check your mail filters to see if the email sent to you has arrived in the spam folder.
  • Reply-to address – Make sure that your reply-to address is blank

4. Check Internet Connection

Mail is an online service, it requires good internet to use it. Internet is very important to use Yahoo Mail, it cannot be done without the Internet. To read offline mail, you have to use a third-party app like outlook, windows mails.

If Yahoo Mail is not opening on your Mac, then check that your network connection is correct.

  • To check the internet problem on Mac, you have to click on the WiFi icon, if you are not showing the icon then you can click on System Preferences. You can also check the network connection by clicking on the network icon.
network icon on mac
  • Have you checked your WiFi connection, if WiFi is off then turn it on? Maybe due to some reason you have left the WiFi off. Because of this, you are having a problem in opening yahoo mail.
mac wifi connection on yahoo
  • If you are not getting a network connection then you can check the login details of WiFi or else you can turn off the modem. After doing so, wait for some time and restart your Mac system.

5. Check for Viruses

Whenever we go to any site and download any software, sometimes a virus gets into the system.
Due to which the system starts working slow, such malware cause problems in opening third-party apps.

To avoid the problem of virus, you should keep a good antivirus installed in your Mac system. If you yahoo mail app is not opening then there may be a problem of virus also. It is important to scan your Mac system with an antivirus.

6. Check Server Address ( Incorrect Server Address )

To transfer yahoo mail to apple mail, there is no problem in the server address, to check it, check the server address given below.

  • Open Mac Mail.
  • And click on Mail.
  • After that Click on Preferences.
yahoo mail list on mac
  • Then click on Account Information.
  • Select Account Type is Yahoo Mail.
  • Enter the following Server Addresses:
yahoo mail server address

POP3 (Incoming mail server) : (port 995, requires SSL)

IMAP (Incoming mail server): (port 993, requires SSL)

SMTP (Outgoing mail server): (port 465 or 587, requires SSL)

NEWS server:

7. Check if Yahoo! Mail Works Outside of Mac Mail

If yahoo mail is not working on mac then the best way is to log in to yahoo mail on the default browser.
Here you will be able to understand very well where is the problem. Maybe your browser is having problems opening the mail.

  • Open your favorite Web Browser(Chrome, Firefox, etc.).
  • After That log in to your Yahoo! Mail account.
  • Send an Email to other accounts using the same Yahoo! ID.
  • If you receive the email then all is well done.
  • If not, then understand that there is some mistake.

How to Prevent Yahoo Mail Problems ?

Yahoo Mail helps people from all over the world to send the message, it is very easy to use, it is a free mail service. Sometimes people in yahoo mail have to face email not being sent and not received. Due to which the user gets a lot of trouble.

Some suggestions are given below to solve the problem.

  • Internet speed is an important issue if Yahoo Mail is not opening, check the network connection.
  • Scan your Mac book frequently with a good antivirus.
  • If you are waiting for an email, then check that it has not come into your spam folder. Check the spam folder from time to time.
  • Make sure that you are entering the correct Username and Password.


For many reasons your “Yahoo mail not work on Apple Mail ” as you must have seen many times. Through this article, we have solved the problem of Yahoo mail not opening.

Some people paid money by taking support of the support team when mail is not open, here you have been told some issues for free.

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