Selling Sunset Why christine quinn left the oppenheim group

The Netflix star, 33, was in hot water with the company at the end of the very dramatic season 5,

'30 minutes till the launch of #SellingSunset,' she posted on Thursday night. 'Enjoy the new season and all of it's 5,000 fake storylines!'

'If Emma had had the listing agreement signed already, which she was getting ready to, it would be illegal,' Fitzgerald explained.

Netflix and the Oppenheim Group might just be scrambling to find some kind of replacement, if it is indeed true that their headliner left of her own volition.

'So [Christine] would lose her license, she would lose everything. But the listing agreement for this particular property wasn't signed just yet, luckily.

Fitzgerald added that the conduct was not something that would be acceptable for the brokerage.

'We pride ourselves on our integrity and the way we treat clients and the way we treat each other and we can't have this at our brokerage. It's just – it's not okay.'

It was Christine’s decision to leave the Oppenheim Group.