Selling Sunset Vanessa Villela Says Manifesting Love Led to Her Engagement

Vanessa Villela met her now-fiancé Nicholas Hardy through a dating app, the Selling Sunset star credits their connection to a less tangible force.

The two first connected virtually in 2020, with Villela living in Los Angeles and Hardy in England.

She invited Hardy to Mexico to celebrate her birthday. Upon meeting in person for the first time, Villela started to believe that Hardy was the person she'd been manifesting.

"I wasn't like, 'I want a man with beautiful, hazelnut eyes, [and] salt and pepper hair. I wasn't thinking about that," Villela tells Shape.

"I was like, 'I want someone who is loving, caring, sweet, funny, respectful, loyal, humble, a hard worker, all of those things

A trip that was planned to last 10 days was extended to two months. Then, Hardy went to Los Angeles with Villela, instead of returning to England.

The reality TV star will sometimes write down things she wants in her life after a meditation or use "flipping lists," which involve releasing a negative thought and replacing it with something positive.

Villela and Hardy have been collaborating on Lascivious, a lingerie line that counts Hardy as creative director, and the two are looking forward to getting married in the fall.

All things considered, the Selling Sunset star is quick to praise the practice of manifestation.

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