Selling Sunset Maya Vander Responds To Newest Agent Christine Quinns Claims

Netflix’s L.A. real estate show Selling Sunset, cast member Christine Quinn was accused by some viewers at one point of faking her own baby bump for the cameras.

Quinn herself has put the show on blast for having “fake” storylines, and her co-star Maya Vander responded with her own take on the subject.

Christine Quinn had been making a lot of bold statements in the lead up to Season 5 of Selling Sunset.

Over the years, she garnered a reputation as a sort of villainess on the show, which she blamed on Netflix for making her appear as such in the edit.

Christine Quinn had attempted to offer a client of hers $5,000 to switch their allegiances – a move with potentially serious legal ramifications.

Maya Vander told that it doesn’t really matter because Selling Sunset producers don’t influence them

Selling Sunset’s Maya Vander believes Christine Quinn is simply blaming the storylines for being fake because things haven’t been going her way of late

Maya Vander will follow in her footsteps, due to her lack of appearances in recent seasons and having her own business in Miami.