Chrishell Stause selling sunset: 10 Things You Didnot Know 

My awkward phase can be summed up in three words: Clear. Braces. College.

The one thing from my childhood I wish would be brought back is Married With Children, a reboot with the original cast. Let's make this a thing!

My style icons are Victoria Beckham, Blake Lively and Zendaya.

This sounds very cliché but does anything beat a hot bubble bath when looking to unwind? I guess it is cliché for a reason.

My favorite celeb I follow on social media is Cardi B. I feel like that doesn't need an explanation.

Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams accepting their Best Kiss award and running into their kiss on stage. Best, most iconic acceptance of any award of all time.

Sometimes I just let Sex and the City play in the background while I do other things. I have seen it so many times that now it just has a comforting familiar feeling,

This is going to sound strange but I have a very old red coat with big gold buttons that I bought from Victoria's Secret forever ago.

I would love to be Misty Copeland for a day! Having seen the work and dedication dancers put in to make their bodies