Micah selling sunset season 5 newest cast

Micah is a property developer living in California. His full name is Micah McDonald and he Lives Mostly in Texas.

Emma that he’s one of eight kids and owns a property in LA for when his family visit. Micah also owns the finest restaurant named Sagrado Mezcaleria, which features in episode five.

Micah saw constantly attending their games via social media. In addition, and he was announced on the show as a real estate developer, and he has adequate pics on Instagram .

McDonald is an entrepreneur who arrives on Selling Sunset season five as he shows Hernan his latest property in progress. 

He actually gave an update on the house that he worked on throughout the show, posting pics of the completed mansion on his Instagram earlier this month.

Micah McDonald supposedly had a net worth of moreover $2.5 million as of April 2022, according to the reports. These riches, on the other hand, did not come about speedily.

Micah Mcdonald reached the age of 36 by 2021 at the very latest, having been born in 1985.

Micah McDonald keeps his private life and practices out of the public eye. No matter how you slice it, Micah is the third of eight children.

Season 5 of Selling Sunset as they organized to offer his enhancement, Micah’s on Lloydcrest Drive in Beverly Hills. And, when it was confirmed that they were doing it, they were also seen flirting with one another.