Mean Girls star Amanda Seyfried says.

she was “grossed out” by the way some fans reacted to her following her weather report scene.

Mean Girls star Amanda Seyfried says she was grossed out by the response to her weather report scene.

Seyfried’s experience echoes that of fellow teen stars such as Millie Bobbie Brown (Stranger Things), who recently derided the sexualization of young female actresses.

The revelation of Seyfried’s treatment following her performance in Mean Girls further highlights a disheartening trend of objectification toward young actresses.

Arguably made popular for its parody of high school culture and gender stereotypes,

it seems particularly cruel that one of the film’s stars should fall prey to such public objectification.

former teen stars begin to speak out about their sometimes disturbing experiences in the spotlight,

we can only hope that Hollywood and society as a whole moves to further protect young people from similar experiences.