12 Secrets Selling Sunset Star Emma Hernan Need to Know

Emma says he's been "super easy going" to work with—especially when it came to the "mini-makeover" she and Jason Oppenheim gave his property.

Since the process of buying a home can take a bit of time, you miiight wanna start thinking about it, like, right now

They can tell you what you can afford now and when you'll be able to afford the kind of home you have your sights set on.

To get pre-approved, you'll have to show the bank that you've had a steady income for a certain number of years. "Literally go to the bank now!" Emma urges.

I know, it's scary! But as Emma puts it, buying will always "pay out in the long run," since it's an investment.

You decided you wanna buy a home. Great, but where?? "Location, location, location is key," she says. "You need to figure out where you want to live, first and foremost."

A little competition isn't always a bad thing. But Emma warns that empty open houses are usually a red flag that the property is either overpriced or just not good.

She recommends visiting it during different times of day, like the morning and night. See the traffic for yourself.

Sorry, being an HGTV stan isn't enough. "It kind of depends on your background, and if you want to jump into that," Emma says.

If things come back on the inspection you don't like, or you find out something wasn't disclosed, you're allowed to back out as long as you don't give up this right.

Selling Sunset are so gorgeous is because every property sold by the reality stars is staged to perfection.

Emma and her family learned this the hard way. "My parents' house that now my brother lives in back in Boston,

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