How To Add Title And Meta Description To The Article.

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To write the title and meta description in your article, you have to go first SEO and click on search appearance. Write the Title and Meta description on the home page.

Here you have to keep in mind that here you can enter your keywords as much as possible on your meta description.    


Optimized Keywords And Meta Description. 

Go on your main website and whatever your categories and posts are related here, you have to write keywords in your Meta description with this, all your posts will be optimized in it.

What Is Metadata?

Metadata is basically data that are written into code or behind the scenes or your website. And it’s there to give software that’s using your website extra information.

What Is The Page Title?

A page title or title tag, as they also know is the title of the page chosen by the website owner. It’s is the title that Google usually uses to show your website in the search results.

So then you looking through search results, that blue bit at the top of each search results, that is usually the page title. And you’ll also see the page title in the browser tabs.

When you’ve got loads of tabs open you’ll see the page title in each of those tabs.

Good Page Title Examples

 We’ve found in Google’s search results over the past week, Now you can see some examples of the Good page title.

Bad Page Title Examples

Here you can see a Bad Page Title that doesn’t actually have the business brand name, which is fairly unusual.

Perfect Page Title Length

Page titles tend to be truncated around 600 pixels, which is usually between 55 and 70 characters.

We normally recommend people go for 60 characters in your page title, that way you’re gonna make sure that you’re showing all of that text without it being cut off.

What Is a Meta Description?

Meta descriptions are the piece of text that you’re asking Google to show in the description section of your website when it shows up in search results.

Unlike the page title, Google doesn’t actually analyze your Meta description for keywords, so they don’t directly influence your ranking.

Good Meta Description Examples

So here some good Meta descriptions these pages are some of the best Page Titles. These are searched on Google search to find good Meta descriptions example results.

Bad Meta Description Examples

Now you can see some examples of bad Meta descriptions. We’ve found in Google’s search results over the past weeks of bad examples.

Perfect Meta Description Length

A Meta Description is very widely.

There was a period where Google moved all meta descriptions to 320 characters, so we all diligently went about on our website, lengthening out our meta descriptions, only for Google to reserve the change, and then we all had to go back and change it.

On the whole, we tend to recommend a meta description length of between 120 to 155 characters.

Why Google Isn’t Using Your Titles Or Descriptions?

The most common reason is that your Page Title and Meta Descriptions suck. It means they don’t accurately represent the content of the page.

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