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SEO of a website may seem like a complicated process to you, but it does not mean that you will not be able to do it. With the help of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), you will be able to rank your website on the first page of Google. Seoquake plugin Tool is the best and free SEO plugin that you can easily install on any browser.

SEOquake Extension easy to download for Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera, Firefox, Safari, android, iPhone and iPad and microsoft Edge is not compatible with it.

If your business is small or you are finding any SEO extension plugin to make your business bigger So I will suggest SEOquake to best SEO tool from my experience.


Why SEOquake Extension Tool is Best For SEO

Why SEOquake Extension is the best toolbar and what can be the benefits of using it. As you know, SEO is the best way to improve the ranking of any website. When you are new or you are learning about SEO, then you are not able to buy a paid tool for SEO then you should help with a free tool.

Seoquake analytics allows you to perform page audits, link assessments, keyword analysis, and competitor comparisons without leaving your browser window and allows you to see the vital SERP metrics for all the website pages.

  1. Alexa Rank
  2. Google Index
  3. Facebook likes.
  4. SEMrush Ranking data.
  5. Backlinks, Traffic, Ads.
  6. On-page SEO audit.
  7. Bing Index.

How To Use SEOquake?

It is very easy to use this tool, with the help of this SEOquake tool, you will be able to set the parameters of your website properly. And with its help, you can see many parameters in one place and the metrics of different pages can be easily understood.

By installing the SEOquake tollbar in your browser, you will get the following parameters:

  1. Do your website SEO audit with a single click.
  2. Examine the keyword difficulty and density or traffic.
  3. SEO metrics in a click.
  4. Easy to find internal & external on a webpage.
  5. Export all the data in a .csv file.
  6. See all statics for Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Google.

Downloading and Installing the SEOquake Toolbar Extension

SEOquake tool that requires no subscription because it is a free toolbar and easy to install on any browser. Install with a single click on any browser, Android and iOS.

  1. First open your browser and go to the web store.
  2. Search for SEOquake and click on the “Add to Chrome” button.
free SEO extension
  • After that –> click “Add Extension“.
  • Finally setup is completed, you can see the SEOquake icon next to the search bar.

SEOquake Toolbar Features

Whenever you want to benefit from digital marketing for your business, then you will need an SEO tool for your online business. SEO with tools, you can analyze the data of any keyword and get its traffic and a lot of information.

One of the easiest and simplest tools to know the performance of your website is the SEOquake extension which helps you to uncover all the information. In the list given below, you will get information about some features.

SEO Dashboard

Whenever you download the SEOquake extension, a hundred times show at the top of the webpage which shows you the performance of the website. Or the bar is able to view the metrics of different pages. If you want to close the bar of this SEOquake toolbar, then you can close it and click on the seo quake tool icon on the right-hand top.

SEOquake toolbar view of the current webpage, including page rank, domain, and backlinks.

SEO Audit with Diagnosis Tool

Website problems like website not ranking, backlinks problem, keyword problem, website health issues so it is not easy to identify the problem of your website that occurred with modern search engines.SEO Audit, you can know many shortcomings of your website, and solving them will help in indexing in Google’s search.

Show Internal and External links with SEOquake Tool

An internal and external link is a part of Advance SEO. Link juice is created from internal links, which the user is not able to separate from your website. And the user gets a good experience, due to which the bounce rate of your website is also low.

By creating external links, the domain authority of the website is increased, due to which the ranking of your website is good and organic traffic starts coming. You can use SEOquake tool to get backlink information of any website.

Keyword Density with SEOquake

The keyword research is an important part of any article. It is important to know what is the density of the keyword and how many times it has been used. With the help of SEOquake tools, you can easily get the report of keywords placed on the webpage.

Analyze Vast Data with SEOquake Tool

SEOquake Tool helps to analyze data here you can see your website’s Alexa Ranking, Google Ranking, Yahoo Ranking and SEMrush.. Accessing data on social media like Facebook Twitter seems quite difficult here you can collect social data in single click..

Print & Export

Some so extensions show the results for the website but do not allow them to print their results and export the data unless it is paid. But with this being a free tool, you get it right in many parameters. The plugin allows you to export all the SEOquake data in a .csv file easily.

URL & Domains Comparison

Whenever you rank a website, it is indexed, but what to do if the article’s position in the search result is not correct? Compare the URL of the article with the URL of another domain using SEOquake.

You will get the correct results because SEOquake Extension will get all the parameters of your competitors in one place including backlinks and Google rank and you can export the results in the form.

Is SEOquake Tool worth installing or not?

SEoquake tool is a free tool, it has to give you the correct report of any website. With the help of this tool you get high-level data, so that is the right tool to use it. If you are new and you can not get paid tool for SEO then you should use this tool if you have any other SEO extension then you can also use it.

SEOquake tool is the best tool for SEO. This tool should be used by both the beginner and the expert.

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