Powerful Ways To Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

You can just imagine the organic reach of Facebook in back 2012. LinkedIn is acting like the Facebook of 2012 so it is very necessary to optimize your profile according to the latest algorithms of LinkedIn.

We all know that so far LinkedIn has become a very powerful social media channel for all job seekers or whether you are thinking of lead generation or whether it be building a personal brand.

So you want to “optimize your LinkedIn profile” visibility.

You must be wondering that what are the core sections which must be optimized and updated?

Well you are going to learn from zero to advance level of optimization for your LinkedIn profile. Also you will learn to discover how to make a strong first impression with prospect and connections.

So let us break down to points so that you can understand properly about optimization.

LinkedIn Marketing Tips To Get Engagements

Complete the LinkedIn Profile Basics

Your profile is the center of attraction of your personal brand. But many of the professional sales managers or lead generator creates profile like there CV or resume.

If you are joining LinkedIn for lead generation or to get clients then the list of your professional background can be the most boring thing you could ever write in your bio.

Instead of this try to convey all these things in a basic way that conveys yourself.

Optimize Your Profile Photo, URL and Headline

Making your visual impression is that one thing you should focus on. LinkedIn is not to run a casual snapshot but far more than this. Make sure to use a high quality well lit head-shot which should of at least 200×200 pixels.

Don;t use the profile photo of dimension less than this because it will make your profile blurry.

URL Optimization In LinkedIn Profile

Yeah profile URL is also one of the most important thing which is missed out.You should only have your name in the profile and nothing else because it becomes easy for users to search about you.

To customize your profile URL you have to tap on Me icon at the top of your LinkedIn profile and select view profile. On your profile page click on Edit profile and URL. Then click on edit URL and enter your name and save.

Optimizing Your Headline

One of the common mistakes which is done by many LinkedIn users is that they are messed up. Without a proper optimized headline you are not going to be searchable on LinkedIn.

Your headline is going to tell about who you are actually. A proper headline will make you appealing and searchable on the search box.

Your profile headline has only 120 characters so make sure to use valuable keyword which your target audience use often.

To add or edit your headline click on the “ME” icon and select view profile.

On your profile picture click on “Edit” button and then Edit dialog box will appear where you can edit your content for your introduction. When you are done click on “save“.

Customize Your Contact Information In LinkedIn Profile

When you fill out your personal and contact information, at this time LinkedIn will provide you with more visibility and engagement.

To further optimize this area change your default label to reflect keywords your target audience might use to find your services or product. For instance you might use website label to “web designing agency”.

In the edit section click on ADD website and copy paste your website URL. into the corresponding field. Next chose drop down menu so that you can enter your own description in the Type field. When done click on save.

Introduce Yourself and Your Work With a video

Want a head start? Well than you must introduce yourself or about your skills in a form of video. This will definitely give you a head-start.

Video is an excellent way of telling your story and showing your clients testimonials and explaining what you exactly do, You immediately stand out of other competitor and crowd if you are including video in your profile.

Yeah LinkedIn does not allow you to add any kind of video to your profile but you can just use 3rd party app to add link of that video.

Like you can use host suite or slide-share or Facebook to take links from there and add to your profile which will head start your LinkedIn journey.

Get Endorsement and Recommendation

This section of your LinkedIn profile is like a heaven. Stuffing related keywords to your skill section and getting endorsement from your colleague or network will optimize your profile accordingly.

Think about all the skills which you should include in your profile and endorse them accordingly. While selecting your skills make sure to use high volume search phase.

For instance :- make sure to use content writer instead of word smith guru.

To add skill click on Me icon and then select View profile.

Scroll to skills and endorsement. and click on add new skill. After that you type the name of the skill you want to add and click on add skill.

After that to reorder your skill click on the 3 lines to move your skills upside or reorder them.

In order to get endorsement you can also show recommendation. Your recommendation builds your prospects and confidence which generates trust for the client.

To request recommendation click on Ask for recommendation link on the right of the top of recommendation section.

Share Your Education, Certification and Awards

Education is the core criterion of LinkedIn so completing this filed is important. If you cont go to any kind of school or college then reference your high school.

To add details about your education to your LinkedIn profile click on + sign in the upper right of education section. In the dialog box enter details of school, degree,studies and activities.

To add an accomplishment click on + sign in the right of accomplishment section and select from the list. You then see the specific box where you can add relevant skill.

Is Content Important In LinkedIn Profile?

Yes” content was,is and will be the king or it is more than king it is kingdom. Always right in first person and allow your personality to come while writing your content.and let other connections know your passion and value.

Always write accordingly to the person you are directly speaking to the person. One of the most important pillar of social media is consistency.

Try to post content on the daily basis or 2-3 times in a week.

So that people or your audience will understand that you are most likely to be active on LinkedIn. Regular updates not only appeal desire to the audience but also to the audience itself.

Posing content on a daily basis generates visibility on the platform. You can also generate more visibility by writing long detailed article on your LinkedIn post.

Connect,connect and connect

One of the best ways to rock on LinkedIn is connect with as many people as you can.

Just make a target to connect at least 20-30 connections per day and then expand your connection base to 100 connections daily.

You can just grow your connections by employing no. of people and no. of tactics. Reach out to the previous team members, teachers mentors, colleagues or clients. You should also include link to your blog, email or website. You can also use the search feature to connect with your target audience.


Weather you are starting LinkedIn as a marketer or just as a experiment to build your personal brand optimizing your profile is the best way to head start your social media journey.

With a complete optimized profile you can easily stand out of the crowd, and ultimately this will result in more business and more growth.

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