20 Best On Page SEO Techniques Double Your Organic Traffic

on page seo techniques

Traffic is very important for any website, whether it is organic traffic or referral to improve the ranking of the website, organic traffic is always kept first and to boost this traffic, on page SEO techniques are used.

Before using on-page SEO, you should focus on some part of the like

The process of optimizing the quality of the content, keyword research, title tag, mobile friendly website etc. is called as On Page SEO. Doing this improves the ranking of your website.

You can also bring unique content articles for a blog, but if you did not do this technique, then all is useless.
If you are thinking how to do on page SEO, then some list is for you.

On Page SEO Meta Tags are

The meta tag in On page SEO helps it to boost traffic to your website because depending on Google’s search list meta tag depends on it. So never ignore these tags.

  1. Title
  2. Keyword
  3. Description

Do Your Website Rank on Google with On Page SEO Checklist

  1. Your focus keyword in the title and permalink.
  2. Use the related keyword in your content.
  3. Please give the correct name before uploading images.
  4. Always use Focus keyword in the first paragraph.
  5. The first paragraph may be your focus keyword.
  6. Use Alt Tag in images.
  7. Use the term modifiers in the title.
  8. Do not use the H1 tag more than once and add external link in your article.
  9. Using always Log tail keywords and Keyword density is approx 1 to 2%.
  10. Your post length should be at least 1000 to 1500 words.
  11. Post URL must be short.
  12. Compress and resize your images before uploading.
  13. Boost your page speed.
  14. Attractive meta descriptions and use 120 characters.
  15. Link your old post with the new post.
  16. Make your site mobile friendly.
  17. Social share button below each post or at the beginning of the post.

20 Best SEO On Page Activities

1. Optimize Your Title

Your title represents the content. This is an essential aspect that helps to boost traffic on your website. Whenever the search engine manages your website, then the title is also important in it.

Whenever you are creating a title, you should always use the keyword because the title itself tells you what the content is and it will give a good effect to the visitor.

To make the title unique and creative, many websites are available on the Internet. If you search the app with the title generator query on Google, you will see there are many free tools, you can take help of the app.

  1. Free Title Generator – SEMrush
  2. Blog Title Generator « SEOPressor
  3. Title Generator – Tweak Your Biz

2. Focus on Content Quality

On Page SEO Techniques has been focused on content quality. You have already known about optimizing the title, but the content itself has a place. Content is very important to prevent visitors for a long time. Always show the reader the best quality and interest full content so that they do not close your website quickly.

There is a lot of content problem with the new blogger so that they use copy content but it is not unique. Due to which the website is not indexed.

Ranking factor is dependent on quality content. Search engines quickly rank unique content and low quality content is not ranked.

3. SEO Friendly URL

Having the primary keyword in your URL does not make it a problem for search engines to understand.

After creating the title and content on any keyword, we place the URL on it. Every page or post has its own URL, it is ranked on the search engine, the URL should always be SEO friendly and short.

Do not use special variables, symbols, brackets, commas in URLs.

4. Your Content Length

The content length of the on page SEO is the important part, which is very important to understand, if you say to index the website. Blogs with short content do not rank quickly, but long content is helpful to rank your website.

The content of any article should be of 1000 to 1500 words.

If the content of any of your articles is short, try to make it long, but also remember that you do not use duplicate content. If you are a WordPress user then the Yoast plugin will help you in it. With the help of this plugin, you will get the length of the content.

In this is reality that if you will focus on your content then google will rank your article on the top position without backlinks.

5. Use Long Tail Keywords For Your Article

At the time of this competition, new bloggers are unable to rank their website because they use short keywords, the competition for short keywords would be very high. By doing the long tail keyword, you do not have to face high competition and boost your traffic.

Benefit of Long Tail Keywords

  1. Low competition
  2. High conversion rates
  3. Batter Ranking
  4. More Traffic

If you do not know about the long tail keyword and how to use it, then read this article.

Why Keywords Are Important in SEO | Types Of Keywords?

6. Keyword Research

The primary responsibility of indexing the blog rests on the keyword and it is wrong to write the article without keyword research. Always use keywords with low competition and high searches.

You can click on the given links to reach the keyword research tools and these tools are also free and paid.

Keyword Research Tools

  1. SEMrush
  2. Ahrefs Keyword Explorer
  3. Google Keyword Planner

7. Avoid Keyword Stuffing

Keyword Stuffing is part of Black Hat SEO and Gray Hat SEO and these techniques break the algorithm of search engine. Some people think that doing keywords many times leads to indexing but this is all wrong view. Stuffing is done by doing the keyword again and again.

If you want to avoid Google’s spam policy, then you should come to correct the keyword. In an article, a keyword density is 1 to 2%.

8. Image optimization

The importance of content for any blog is as much as the images. Some people ignore it. Alt tags are used for optimizing images and without this, your images do not rank.

Focus keywords should be used in alt tags of images.

Compressing an image’s size and weight before uploading is compatible with on page SEO techniques. The best image resizer from WordPress can be used for SEO image optimizer plugin.

9. Make Your Site Mobile Friendly

70% search in Google is from mobile, then you should see that your website is mobile-friendly or not, click on this link to check website mobile Friendly testing tool. If your website is not mobile-friendly, then make it mobile-friendly, it is helpful in bringing traffic to the website.

In today’s digital world, it is important for a website to be mobile-friendly and to make it use a responsive theme, this theme is both paid and free.

10. Focus keyword in the first 100 words

Every blogger knows the import of keywords, it helps in ranking your website, but it is important to know how to use them.
Focus keywords are always within 100 words, the search engine makes it easy to understand your blog.

11. Meta Descriptions

Meta descriptions have a length of 150 – 160 variables.

The Google search contains content meta descriptions appearing below the title, it describes the pattern of your article.

Like we told that the keyword has to be mined, it also contains meta descriptions, focus keyword should be included in it.
Meta descriptions are an important role to increase the click-through rate(CTR).

12. Heading Tags

Six type headings occur. H1, H2 H3, H4, H5, H6

Use this tag for heading any content. He also has the heading tag in on-page SEO techniques. Some people do not use the H1 tag in the information of the content, because of this Google cannot understand what the content is about.

First of all, use your focus keyword in the heading tag, which changes the way your website is indexed.

Important Point – If there is a heading inside the heading, use the h2 tags followed by the h1 tag.

13. Fix Broken Links

If a site has broken links, then it can prove to be a disadvantage for you, such as lack of an index of the site, increased bounce rate, poor user experience.

Broken Links are the links on which a 404 error is shown by clicking on it.

Suppose you have posted an article in your blog and it is indexed on Google, then the URL of your post has been changed, thus Broken links become. Then two URLs are created for the blog from which 404 error shows on one URL.

Broken Links Checker Plugin

With the help of these tools, you can find the broken links of the website.

14. Internal Links

Internal links are very important for SEO, because of these links, traffic comes to your website and indexing of the site is done. With internal links, your user stays on your website because due to these links, they are able to access the right content.

Linking the URL of the old post to the new post is called internal links.

15. Outbound Links

These links are external links.

Outbound links are such a part of SEO that helps in creating back links. Information on someone else’s website in your blog is outbound links.

With this, the experience of the user is also broken and Google puts you in the category of Valid. Before installing outbound links, make sure that the website is relative to your content.

16. Write Regularly New Posts

If you have regular posting to improve the ranking of the website, then it is very good if you also write 2 or 3 posts in a week. Users are happy to read new articles and interesting content so that you can share informative ideas.

Google places more on those sites which are updated.

17. Improve Loading Speed

Loading speed is the key to increasing the bounce rate of the website. If the website takes more time to load then you should improve the loading speed of the website.

If the loading time of the website is high, then it is not good for the viewers, due to this, your ranking has a lot of effects. There can be many reasons for this, such as size of the image, theme, server response time etc.

18. Use Content Related Video

If you have been on a post about content, then you can also present a related video from it. The video content is a good information channel, its users have a good behavior towards you, and the increase in its traffic.

YouTube is a desire example for you.

19. Use Modifiers Word in Your Title

Modifiers words make a good impression on the word user and your results are also at the top in search results. If you include your title may modify the word, then the user is able to boot your website and get a maximum number of user lanes.

Modifiers Word like (“2021”, “best”, “guide”, “checklist”, “fast” and “review”, “10% off”)

Like we have used “20 Best On Page SEO Techniques” in this article, due to which you are reading this article.

20. Use the Social share button in every Post

Whenever you are preparing to post content on a website, you should also do social share. Because it increases the number of your visits. There are many social media channels that help you gain traffic.

Sharethis plugin helps you in this and you or the user can share your post with ease.


We have put some techniques of saving the page in front of you, it will help to boost your website. No post gets ranked immediately, some time has to be paid and blogging takes time to get your blog indexed.

I hope that this article helps you and share this post as much as possible.

Thank you…

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