How To Start a Blog For Making Money Online In 2021


You want to Earn online money, then this article will be helpful for you. And you might also be thinking “How to Start a Blog for Making Money Online“.

First of all, you need to know what is a blog, what is its connection to online earnings and how it works.

Blogging is not easy, if you have brought it to your daily routine, then you can understand what blogging is.

Blogging is the most simple and free marketing platform for online earning.

The most important component for online earing is to bring traffic to your website. Today everything has gone digital and people go to online platforms like Google’s to solve their problem.

Google, Bing is a search engine and thousands of people find their solution on it. Bringing a crowd of thousands of people to your website is called traffic.

What Is Blog And Blogging ?

Blog – word is a word of “web log”. Blog and dairy may have the same deference that blogs are taken on the web and dairy is physical.

Blogging – The process of posting an article written for a blog is called Blogging.

A Blog is a website from which you can make online money.

We have given very good blogging information in it, which will be very useful in learning your blogging.

Here you can express your advanced thoughts, ideas, experiences, daily routine, and many other things according to their interest, all in one place on your website.

Your website, run by an individual or small group, is written in an informal or conversational style.

Advantages of a Blog

  1. You are Setting yourself as an expert in your field.
  2. Learning more through sharing information through the blog.
  3. You can meet new interesting people in the industry and make valuable connections.
  4. You can start a blog For Making Money
  5. This also increases our knowledge.

Five Ways To Monetize Your Blog For Making Money Online.

  1. Google AdSense
  2. Affiliate programs
  3. Digital products selling
  4. Sell your own ad space
  5. Selling of physical products

Using Google AdSense For Earning Online Money

It is something that Google allows you to put ads on your site. People put our AdSense on their website and put it throughout your text, your sidebar, you will make money.

earn online money using google adsense

Affiliate Programs

Affiliate is, you promote a product, service, and you get a sale. There are more networks that have affiliate offers such as a ClickBank and JVZoo.

You can go there to sign up for promoting them on your blog, and you’ll get paid every time you drive a sale in your blog.

start a blog for affiliate and earn money

Sell Digital Products

From e-book to courses, there’s an infinite amount of possibilities with digital products.

People go to your site for a webinar, watch, and register then some of them will end up buying or becoming leads, customers, for digital products. For selling products you can start a blog For Making Money.

You can see, here some selling digital products.

  1. Ebook – non-fiction
  2. Online courses
  3. Poetry book
  4. Ecommerce product descriptions
  5. Recipe books
  6. Magazines
  7. Mobile phone
  8. computer

Sell Your Own Ad Space

AdSense is owned by Google on their side, is the middleman. you don’t want to have a middleman they can go directly to the people to buy ads. That way you can keep that middleman fee and you’ll start a blog For Making Money.

Sell your own ad space directly to companies looking to support the different blogs. You get paid depending on how many visitors your get typically this is quoted as a dollar amount per thousand impressions.

Sell Physical Products

Sell, supplements, physical products, vitamins, and what? They do millions of dollars a year because of their blog traffic. Make money selling products online without having your own product.

Amazon associates & aspiring business, You can see here some selling physical products.

  1. Food
  2. Mask
  3. Sanitizer
  4. Clothes
  5. Hair loss drugs
earn money online

How Do You Start a Successful Blog?

  1. Find your niche for us it will be easy, you need is your niche.
  2. Be professional it’s extremely important because you know want to add your blogging experience to your resume.
  3. Be consistent and blog on your regular schedule so your original went your visitor page.
  4. Provide good content our help full tips, advice, tutorials show that you get.
  5. Join a blogging community. Find out the blog is a new connection with them, they can always share the experience and provide help for feedback.
earn money online step by step

How To Start a Blog For Your Business?

So, You need to start a blog for your business. But how do you actually do that? It can all feel quite overwhelming. But luckily, if you follow these six easy steps, starting a blog for business and making it a success is very simple.

  1. Set s realistic objective for your blog.
  2. To make sure that your blog is nice and visible on your website.
  3. Work on the layout and choose a style guide in your blog.
  4. Analyze your target audience.
  5. Do your keyword research for your blog.
  6. Create a blog schedule.

Set Realistic Objectives

Set realistic expectations for your blog. Do you know? what your intended outcome is of your blog. Are you blogging because you wanna get more traffic more on your website? If so, then you are gonna be blogging about the sort of topics that people are searching for.

You might be blogging for things to share out on social media, in which case you might wanna make your post a little bit shorter, bite-sized tasty chunks.

The important things are that you know what the objective of your blog is before you start because that’s gonna help you identify exactly what sorts of posts, how in-depth they need to be.

Make Sure That Your Blog Visible On Your Website

You might add it to your top menu. If you are in WordPress this is To make sure that your blog is nice and visible on your website.

So really easy to do, just go to menus and then add your blog that way. 

Your blog something else. It doesn’t necessarily have to be called a blog. Some people call their blog News or Articles or Tips, Advice, Question, all those types of things can be a blog but just in a slightly different format.

It all depends on what your goals are.

how to start a online earning with blog

Choose a Blog Layout And Style Guide

It’s really important that your blog is consistent, so doing a thing like deciding what sort of images you are gonna have with each post, using stock images, create images yourself that’s really important to give your blog consistency.

Here’s one of the posts, we can see we have got a nice image which looks to be custom-made, which is great and it’s nice and easy to read.

Blog For Making Money

Analyse Your Target Audience

You turn your entire target audience into just one person that you thinking about writing for personally.

Talk to your sales team, sort questions and issues people have, get to know your customers.

If you are not customer-facing, spend some time budding up with the sales team or the support team so you can get to know your customer, the language that they talk about because then you’ll be able to write them really clearly.

Start a Blog For Making Money 2021

Do Keyword Research For Your Blog

You want to identify the keywords that you are most able to rank for search on Google.

There are two different types of keywords. informational keywords, commercial keywords

If you are getting blogs and information sites, that’s an indication that might be a term that you’d wanna target in a blog post.

Start a Blog For Making Money

How Often You Should blog

It’s not necessarily the number of blogs that you make but the number of good-quality blogs that really make a difference.

You don’t wanna do is smash out five absolutely trash blog posts at the same time it can take you to make one awesome one because trash is unlikely to rank or do anything for your business.

Often should your blog for organic traffic, publish as much optimized content as possible. And for brand awareness, diversifying content and providing useful information is key.

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