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Setup Webmail Using 1and1

1and1 is a hosting service provider, its service is liked by many people in the world. But it becomes difficult to understand how to set up webmail. From this article you will be able to setup webmail account using 1and1.

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Here Follow These Steps To Setup 1and1 Webmail

How to set up your webmail account. I am using 1and1 they are all fairly similar. so in 1and1 you can see there 3 different options and they all offer different things.

  1. 1&1 Mail Basic | 2GB Mail Box Storage.
  2. 1and1 Mail Business | 50GB Mail Box Storage.
  3. Mail and Office 365 | up to 50 GB Mail Box Storage.

But i am actually going to go for the free webmail box option.

So the email address is already in there if it’s not you just put that in and complete the rest of the details.

Now, this password that you are going to create, you will need to remember because it is how you are going to access your emails by the webmail.

These are some extra things that are available if you wanted them to do with anti-spam and other stuff Press “Save“.

And that’s now created your new webmail box. So I am going to show you what it looks like inside. i am going to login to the webmail using the email address and the password we just created.

And you will see that the interface is very similar to many other email clients that you would use.

There’s nothing unusual in here at all. inbox, drafts. All the usual suspects on the left hand side.

Click “compose” ,type the email address to which you want to email. it’s very very similar to any other email system you probably already use.

There’s nothing that’s going to take you by surprise in here at all. It;s quits simple. Even if you are not using 1and1 there are other webmail clients, all hosting companies will offer them to you.

That’s it, you just click send


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