How To Reset Your WordPress Password (Step-by-Step)

reset your wordpress password

If your website is WordPress and you have forgotten your password for some reason. To recover your WordPress password, you have read the article by visiting many websites but no solution is found and it’s going so far. In this article, we will take you through how to reset your WordPress Password.

Forgetting the password of your website can lead to many problems. If you want to update any plug-in or update theme or post on the website, then it is very important for you to have a password. This is helpful in logging in to your website, if you forget the same password, then you are not able to login to your website.

Why Resetting WordPress Passwords

Due to many reasons, you want to reset the WP password. If you are working for a client then your client has forgotten his password. Because of which you are not able to do any update on the website. Your mail server may not be working and you may need to login to fix the server mail configuration problem.

WordPress always keeps updating due to which the plugins on your website sometimes do not work. You need a username and password to update plug-ins, themes, and WordPress versions.

So don’t worry you can recover the lost WordPress Password in three ways.

Method 1: Reset Your WordPress Password With Email

You are inputting a password with a user id to access the WordPress panel and you are getting a different password error. If you are troubled by inputting the password again and again, then you decide to reset the WordPress password.

Whenever you install WordPress Bitnami software on a local computer or WordPress on any hosting, then you will have to do register your email. The same email will help in recovering your lost password.

So in this section, you have been explained step by step how to reset WordPress panel passwords from registered email.

Change Password Through The Login Email

1# First of all, input the address of your website in the address bar of any browser and like ( press the Enter button, and make sure your website is opening..

2# And now that write “login” after the last slash(/) of the URL of your website. Now you are on the login screen of WordPress. You will see that your login URL has been changed. (Your Website URL/wp-login.php)

3# If you have remembered the password, then you can log in by inputting the username or email address and password. Still, you are not able to log in, then click on “lost your password” to reset the password.

wordpress login penal

4# Here you input the email address to reset your password and click on the “Get New Password” button.

wordpress email address

5# You will receive an email from WordPress to recover the password on the email ID that you are inputting. After opening the email, click on the given link. You will have a window in front of you to reset the password in the new tab. Where you can enter new password.

reset wordpress link in your mail

6# If you are having any problem in creating a new password then how to input strong password in WordPress Panel. No problem here WordPress already provides you with a strong password. Still, you are not satisfied with the new password, then you can click on “Generate Password“.

7# If you do not want to save the prefilled password, then you enter your strong password and click on the “Save Password” button.

8# Finally, you have reset your WordPress password. Now you can log in with a new password. Click on the given login link to log in.

Method 2: Resetting Your WordPress Password From Your Hosting cPanel

Whenever you buy hosting from any company like,,, which is a space for your website. Where you can install WordPress for your website. Like these, the interface of all the companies is different. The way to reset the password is almost the same.

We have used Hostinger cPanel to reset your WordPress password. Let’s Start

Log in Hostinger Account

First, go to hostinger website and log in to your account.

hostinger home page

There are many options presented in front of you to access your account. You can choose anyone. Here input your Register Email and Password and click on the “Login button“.

hostinger login penal

Go To Your Hosting Account To Manage WordPress Dashboard

Now you are on the Hostinger dashboard where you have to go to the hosting account and click on the “Manage Hosting” button.

After reaching your hosting panel, you will have many options in front of you, by doing this you can manage hosting. To change the password here, we go to the WordPress option and click on “Dashboard“.

hostinger wordpress penal

If you have bought a hosting plan for multiple websites, then you will have a dropdown in front of you, choose the website. Now by clicking on the “Edit Website” button, you will open the WordPress panel of your website.

edit wordpress button

Using WordPress Dashboard For Change Password

You have reached the dashboard of WordPress, from here you can easily reset your password. If you have forgotten the user ID or mail of your WordPress too, then you can also see this.

wordpress deshboard for resetting password

Go to the left side of the dashboard and click on the user tab.

wordpress user tab

After clicking on the user tab, you will get a list of your users. From here you can change the password of any user because you are an admin user. To reset the password, click on the administrator “Role” ID in the user list.

Scroll down the window and go to the Account Management section where you will get the option to recover the password.

Click on –> “Set New Password“.

Input your strong password in the textbox.

After entering the password, scroll down the page and click on “Update Profile” button.

Now you can log out of your hosting website account and then sign out of WordPress as well. To sign in to a WordPress account, the user inputs the Id and new password and click on the Login button.

Congratulation Finally, you are on the WordPress dashboard.

Method 3: How To Reset(Or Change) WordPress Password From Phpmyadmin

For some reason you have to go to the cPenal to reset your password, this is a big problem in front of you. To change the password from cPenal, you will have to be cautious otherwise you can lose the data of your website.

By the way, you can reset the password of WP from any Method to anyone. If you use FTP, then the password can be changed from here also. It is very easy to change the password from phpmyadmin, you can reset it easily and quickly access your WordPress blog or website.

Here we have told you step by step how to reset password with PHPMyAdmin. By following these steps, you can make this difficult process easy.

How Connect To WordPress Database with phpMyAdmin

You will need to login with your hosting account to access phpmyadmin. If you do not want to go to the hosting account and want to log in from the direct cPanel, then you have to type the link (url/cpenal) after the last slash (/) of the website.

You will need to input the user email and password of cPenal to access the database. After login into your account, you have come to the hosting cPenal. Here you can click on the PHPmyadmin icon and proceed further.

Select the WordPress Database and Users Table

After login, the list of your tables will open in your left-hand sidebar. From that, you can select the database of your website. If you have records of more than one database So you can check the database name of your WordPress website by going to the root of WordPress, downloading, or opening the “wp-config.php” file.


If you have known the name of the database, then you should go back to your Cpanel and click on the database. After selecting the database of your website, a list of tables will be shown in front of you, which will start with the wp_ prefix.

Whenever you create a user for the website, that record gets stored in the database table. To check the record of users, click on the “wp_users” table.

After that click on “Browser” Tab.

wp_user table

If you have not created any user then you are an admin user, it can be seen in your table records. The role is defined when there are multiple users for the website, it does the admin, all these records are saved in this table.

wordpress user password

Reset The WordPress Password

You can reset the password of any user with phpmyadmin, you just have to edit some records in your table. To edit the password of WordPress users, select any one user, you can take the admin for the example.

First, you have to click on a pencil on the left-hand side, that is the edit button as shown in the image given below.

wordpress user records

After clicking on the edit button, all the table Column ​​are in front of you, here we will only change the password.

Now go to “user_pass” column and click on value column.

table column for wordpress to reset password

Enter your password and click on function column.

If you have entered the password then your password should be in an encrypted format. For which you can click on the drop-down and choose the “md5″ in that list.

wordpress table to change password

Finally, click on “Go” button.

Congratulations. You have reset a WordPress admin user password using phpMyAdmin.


By the way, here we have described a simple way to change the password of the user of WordPress. In this article, using 3 methods, the user’s password has been changed, you can use any method which is easy for you.

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