How To Improve Website Ranking in Google Search 2021

improve website ranking on google search 2021

Everyone uses many ways to get top in search results, but this is fine for some time. SEO is most important strategy of improve website ranking in google search results page (SERP). To be consistent in the ranking, the quality of your SEO will have to be updated.

Is it very difficult to rank your website on Google? These questions have to be faced by the new blogger. So we will tell you about it correctly. Increase website ranking on Google is not rocket science. if you follow all the SEO strategies correctly so your website will index in search results.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) will help you improve your rankings and get traffic organically.

improve your rankings with SEO

To bring organic traffic to your site, on-site SEO or Off-page SEO and keyword placement are very important. In order to increase the ranking of the website, low competition keywords with high search volume will have to be found Which you can found easily with any free or paid tool.

Here we have put some points of SEO strategy, such as you can improve your website ranking.

  1. The focus of improving your website’s user experience.
  2. Use headline Analyzer.
  3. Check Title and Description Pixel Length.
  4. Keyword Placement.
  5. High Quality Content.
  6. Quality Back-links.
  7. Improve your page speed.
  8. Optimize your images.
  9. Use H1 and H2 header tags.

1) With the help of User Experience Improve website Ranking

If you want to improve the ranking of your website, then you have to make the website simple and easy to use. You can increase the number of your visitor by providing you with valuable information and enjoyable content on the website.

It is necessary to right at the four common points for ranking improvement.

  • Website visits
  • Average time on site
  • Pages per session
  • Bounce rate

Your website should be an information platform for the user so that the information they find will be available and easy to read.

Website visits :- A visitor who comes to your website and continues to browse even if he has visited your website many times. Checking website visits is very easy with the help of the Google Analytics tool.

Average time on site : – The visitor spends time on your webpage, this duration is called time on site.

Average time on site = Total Count Of Time / Total Number Of Visitor’s

Pages per session :- Average number of pages a person views in a giving session.

Bounce rate :- The bounce rate also depends on the quality of the website. If the user is going out of the website without any activity, then the bounce rate increases.

Bounce rate formula = Total number of one-page visits / Total number of entries to a website.

2) Use Headline Analyzer to Increase Website Ranking

The attractive heading is important for any article, your headline is the source of the traffic for you. If you are a WordPress user, you can create an SEO-friendly headline using the Headline Analyzer.

It helps you to create a heading by telling you the SEO-friendly score of your title. It is a tool of MonsterInsights.

A good score is between 40 and 60 for best results.

3) Check Title and Description Pixel Length

Google keeps updating its algorithm, but many bloggers ignore it which the problem is expected in indexing the website. To remain in the search engine, you must also change the website.

Title and description have an important place in indexing a website and improve website ranking in Google search results.

Before posting the title and description, you must focus on the title and description of the length and pixels on the right.

Title and desc strategy to improve website ranking in Google search results

TagCharacters CountPixel Count
Meta Title50 to 60 CharMore than 571 pixels and less than 200 pixels.
Meta Description160 characters.up to 923 pixels
Check Title and Description for Improve Website Ranking In Google

Meta Title & Description Pixel Length Checker Tool url –

4) Keyword Placement

There is a keyword responsibility for the webpage to be indexed because Google uses the keyword and gives the user good results. There are several plugins in WordPress that help you.

Which brings traffic to your website. This should be done with keyword research with keyword research tools., you can find good quality keywords.

If you are a new blogger, then you should use long-tails and modifier keywords.

Placement of keywords : Title Tag, Description Tag, Url, Heading, SubHeading and use in first paragraph.

5) High Quality Content

Some people use copy content to save time, but it is harmful to your website. When Google bot comes to your site, it reads the content, if the content is a copy of another site then it can spam the site.

For indexing, it is necessary to have the title keyword as well as the quality content. You will find many tools for internet marketing that spin the article, do not use it.

Previously, using the keyword tag to rank the page on Google used to rank the website but now it is not possible because it has been updated.

Now at this time Google does not read the keyword tag and reads the paragraph brings the website to the search results.

6) Quality Back-links

Back-links are an important role for any website to come in the top of search results because it represents your website quality.

Many parsons make back-links by posting their URLs to other sites and also use many techniques. There are many ways to create back-links such as posting on social media, commenting, guest posting, etc.

If you want to make good back-links, then you have to work on the list of guest posting websites. Links can be created by buying old domains, but this method comes in the black-hat technique.

7) Improve Your Page Speed

Also depends on the page speed to enter the search result. Just like you update something to create a user-friendly website, Google also updates. Now it indexes the speed of the page because the user does not have to wait for the results.

You have to work on the mobile-friendly website to boost page speed because 60 to 70% of searches are from mobile.

Go to Google Page Speed Insights and check page speed.

There can be many reasons for not having page speed, such as large themes, web hosting, CSS and Js files, images. You can avoid all this by doing the AMP plugin this plugin increases your website speed.

8) Optimize Your Images

It is necessary to optimize the images to increase the speed of the page. Google also ranks images with content. Alt tags are used to rank images and images need to be compressed before uploading.

Whenever you use images with content, that image tells about the content by using the focus keyphrase in the alt tag of the images.

9) Use H1 and H2 Header Tags

The header identifies the content that gives the user information in short form. Heading tag is also used for keyword placement, Google helps to know the about content written by this tag.

H1 and H2 must then be properly

These 9 points will be helpful for you, by which you can improve website ranking in Google.

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