How To Export Phone Numbers To Gmail Account

Export Phone Numbers To Gmail Account

Gmail is a free email service available on all android phones. The phone’s contact numbers were also deleted when the phone got damaged, but now it is not so. Now you can save your contact numbers inside Gmail account with the help of any software. And in this modern time, you can safely export phone numbers into Gmail account.

You all must be thinking that how to save your contact number in your Gmail ID. By following the steps given below, you can save the contact of the internal phone in Google Drive as a vcf file.

Export Android Phone Contact Numbers Into Gmail

First, open the contact list. Then you have to click on the three dots which are shown in the top right corner.

android phone contact list

After clicking on that you will click on the Setting option which you can see on your phone screen.

save phone number contact setting

After doing this you will see many options in the list. And you have to choose the configure contact lists and click on them. Because before sending all phone numbers in your Gmail ID, you have to remember that you select it on the all contact option.

export or import phone number to gmail

and your contact display will open, and if you want to save all contact numbers then you have to choose the “all contacts” option. And click on it.

If you don’t want to import all numbers in your Gmail ID, then there are many other contact options, like WhatsApp contacts, local contacts, Google contacts, etc. If you want any of these then you can select.

After doing all this, you would come again to the contact list and select the option “Import/Export contacts” After opening it, you will see the “share contacts” option, you have to click on it.

Because by clicking on the share contact option, you can share this contact list in many other places like Google ID, Gmail ID, Google Drive, Messaging, etc.

Save your Contact Numbers In Google Drive

when you click on it, you have to choose the “save to drive” option. By doing this you can save all contact numbers in Google Drive.

Through this Google Drive, we can save anything like all contact numbers, images, videos any documents, etc.  It very useful because with this, we can bring anything back to the phone at any time.

Backup phone number save in google drive

After doing this, whichever Gmail id you want to save your contact numbers, you have to select that ID here and also select your folder here and click on the Save button.

Save Contact to Gmail Account
create vcf file

And now your contact numbers will be saved in your Gmail id, Now in whichever phone you will open your Gmail ID, your contact numbers will also be saved in it, you can easily save those contact numbers in that phone.

Similarly, if the contact numbers are deleted from the phone, then you can easily save them on the phone with Gmail ID. And one more advantage of this is that you can easily save your contact numbers on any other phone as well.

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