How To Delete Thousands of Emails in Gmail?

delete all emails in gmail

Gmail is the most used email platform worldwide. Where you can converse with the customer by email without any hassle. Gmail becomes a problem when you have thousands of Unread emails in your Gmail account. How is it possible to delete unread messages in Gmail emails at once? Through this article, we will tell you how to delete all Gmail emails.

A large network of unwanted emails in the Gmail mailbox fills the storage of your mail inbox. Because of which the problem of mail storage has to be faced in Gmail. By the way, Google allows you to store up to 15 GB but when this email storage is full then you do not receive any email.

To access your important email, you have to remove any important data from Gmail storage. Sometimes this becomes a very big problem, its right solution is to remove Unread Gmail emails from time to time.

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1. How To Filter unread Emails in Gmail

It is necessary to filter unread emails before deleting thousands of emails. Because when you think about deleting emails at once, then you get confused that how to separate unread emails. To display unread emails in Gmail inbox, you have to type “is:unread” in the search box to filter out emails.

delete Emails in Gmail
  • First log into your Gmail account and go to inbox as you’d always do.
  • Type “is:unread” in the search bar.
  • Now filter your email and only show unread messages.

2. Select All Messages

  • Select the little box under the the search bar.
  • Only 100 conversations are selected.
  • Because by default Gmail displays 100 messages per page.

3. Select all Conversations

  • Now click on “Select all conversations that match this search” link.
  • After that selects all unread messages in your inbox.

4. Delete All Gmail Emails At Once

  • Ready to delete all unread messages.
  • Click on the trash icon.
  • Gmail will open dialog box for ask you to confirm your action.
  • Now click “OK” .
  • After that all unread emails go to Trash Folder.

5. Empty Trash

remove all emails in trash

If you have deleted selected emails from your inbox, they are saved in the Trash folder. All these deleted messages get deleted automatically after 30 days. If you think that you have an important email, then you can recover that email. If you say that there are no emails in your Trash folder, then you can also delete it yourself within 30 days.

  • Click on “Empty Trash now” link, then confirm deletion.


When an email is not being received, then it should be checked that your Gmail storage has not become full. Here we have told step by step process for you to delete unread or old emails, you can empty your inbox by following this.The problem of not receiving the email can happen on any device. If your Gmail account is logged in iPhone or Android, iPad. So you can delete the data of emails from your phone or computer.

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