How To Delete AOL Email Address Permanently?

How To Delete AOL Email Address Permanently

If you want to delete the AOL email account permanently, it is very easy for you. You cannot delete the entire AOL email account, the account remains active for some time. If you want to know how to delete your AOL email address or account permanently so read this article carefully.

If you use multiple email accounts at once, then you will also be using AOL email accounts, after deleting the email account, you will suffer many types of losses. It is easy to recover any account before the specified limit, there is no guarantee of account recovery after the time runs out.

Before deleting your AOL email account keep these things in mind

Any email address or account is not deleted immediately, here you are given 90 days’ time which is enough to get back any account. Deleting your email address can cause you to lose many accesses such as

  1. If you have purchased a subscription plan for AOL email account, then you cannot retrieve it.
  2. You cannot recover important emails.
  3. Loss of your client’s email important data.
  4. losing your AOL services, including AIM Instant Messenger.

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Here are the steps for delete AOL email address or account

Read the below article in detail to know the process required to delete an AOL email address. Just follow the simple steps and your AOL email account will be deleted in a few minutes (Email data will remain on the server for 3 months(90 day’s) even after deleting).

1. First Go To AOL official website and open the My Account page.

2. Enter your username and password into the two fields for signing in your account.

3. For security purpose AOL ask some question.

4. After that Click Continue to access the My AOL Account page.

5. Go to the service options of my account page and Click the Manage My Subscriptions link.

6. Click the Cancel link.

7. Select a reason for why you cancelling the AOL email address or account from the Please Select Your Reason… drop-down box.

8. if you want to delete AOL email address click the Cancel AOL button.

9. Your AOL account is deactivated immediately.

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How can I retrieve my AOL account before 90 days?

By the way, AOL email address takes 90 days to delete any account. If your account is old or has been deleted for some reason, then your old email account can be easily recovered. Within 90 days to activate your email account or address, you have to log in with your account username and password.

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