How To Create Gmail Account Step By Step Guide

create gmail account

If you are new to the world of smartphones and laptops, you had heard about Gmail Account. It is very easy to set up a new Gmail account. If you don’t know how to register on Gmail , we will give you whole the information about ‘How To Create Gmail Account’. You will start your journey by creating a Google account.

You have been doing this for many different email services such as AOL mail, Hotmail, Yahoomail, etc but you do not want to use them for some reason. If you are thinking about new email service, then we will ask you to use Google’s email service Gmail.

1.5 billion users in the world like to make Gmail their primary email. You can connect all your devices to your Gmail account with a single click. You can also store data by connecting your Gmail account to devices like PC, Android phone, MacBook, iPhone easily.

You will start your journey by creating a Google account.

How to Set Up Your New Gmail Account

1# First open your browser. You can choose any type of browser like Google Chrome, opera mini, internet explorer, etc.

2# After that write ‘Create Gmail account’ on the browser.

3# Click on the button that says “Create Account.”

4# After clicking, please fill in your details kindly. Enter your first and last name in the given text box. Select a Gmail username. After that, you will choose your password and enter twice your password.

gmail account form

5# In the Next step enter your mobile number and verify your account. Please enter your phone number which will be valid. It is a process in which you can verify your account for security purpose.

6# After receiving a text message from google with a verification code. Enter the verification code in the given textbox for OTP click on verify.

7# Once you’ve verified your Account, Enter your personal information like recovery email, your birthday, and your gender after that click on “Next” button.

8# On the next page, you have to accept all Terms And Conditions. They will tell you which type of data they will process. When you create a google account they store data that is provided by you. And they also tell you when you write messages in Gmail and do comments, information about this they will keep.

gmail account trems

9# So at the end of this page you will see blue button in which you can see the text ‘I agree’. So you have to click on this.

gmail account policy

10# Congrats! Your account has been created. Now any time you can login to your gmail account.

Gmail is a mail services which is based on web by which you can send and receive messages. Gmail is a free service for this you don’t need to spend any money.

Create Gmail Account Without Phone Number

In today’s time almost all internet users should have Gmail account. In this article, we will try to give you more information about Gmail id. Email-id is very important for every user. If you want to send documents to another person then you would need to have your Gmail account. For better transmission, you will need to make an account on Gmail.

For creating gmail account without phone number you required a Mobile Phone. If you will follow these steps I am sure you will be able to create an account.

1# You have to go in your android phone ‘settings.’ In settings you will see ‘add accounts’ section and click on it.

2# After doing that, click on ‘Google’ Now click on ‘New’.

3# Enter your first name, last name then click on “Next“.

4# Now you have to choose Gmail address. Enter any username if it will not be available then select from below. After that click on the ‘Next’ icon.

5# Here you have to enter strong password and keep one thing in mind that password should be at least 8 digits/character. Now enter password twice and click on ‘Next’.

6# Now in this age you will see Google Password recovery page. If you want to create account then you have to click on ‘Not Now’.

7# In this age Google services will be there. If you want to use all these services then check marks on all.

8# Now finish account page will be open. And finally you you have to click on ‘Accept button’.

Your Gmail account without phone number is created successfully.

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