How To Change Yahoo Email Password: Step By Step Guide

Change yahoo emil password

There can be many reasons to change your Yahoo E-mail password. Yahoo Mail users change their password when the Yahoo account password is difficult to remember or the account is accessed by someone else you don’t know. In these conditions, you can reset or change your Yahoo email password.

Some users keep changing their account passwords to protect their Yahoo account from hacking so that their account remains secure. As you all know, you can also access your Yahoo email account from the mobile app, iPhone, desktop, or any web browser. And you can also recover your Yahoo email password from your phone.

If you change your password through any of these devices. Here is the step-by-step guide to changing your Yahoo mail password. Then you want to follow these steps given below, let’s look at all the simple steps.

How to Change Yahoo Email Password on Web Browser?

By Web browser, you can change your Yahoo email password through any computer, laptop, or mobile to access the internet. Now you just follow the steps given below to change your Yahoo mail password.

Step1: First you have to log in to your account by the yahoo mail website.

Step2: After login into the Yahoo account, you have to click on the profile picture on the right top corner.

Step:3 Then you click on account Info and Click on the account security option which you will see on the left side.

Step4: Now you need to sign in to your Yahoo account security page.

Step5: Here you have to click on the change password option.

Step6: Coming here, you will have to enter your password twice to confirm.

Step7: Now click on continue to save your new password or your password had changed now.

This is how you can change your Yahoo account password through a web browser on a laptop, desktop, or mobile app.

Here To Change Your Yahoo Email Password on Desktop App?

If you want to change your Yahoo password on your desktop windows 7, 8, 9, or 10, then follow the steps given below.

Step1: when you open the website to log in to your account you will see an option; Difficulty signing in? First, you have to click on it because it will take you to the account recovery page.

In case you are already logged in to your account then click on your Name->Account Info->Account security tab. If the account is opened without any password after tabbing on the account security then you can follow the steps given below.

Step2: Now here you have to register your phone number in your Yahoo account and also you can enter your Gmail for recovery.

Step3: If you don’t sure about your phone number or Gmail recovery address, you can simply enter your Yahoo email address.

Step4: Now click on the continue button.

Step5: After entering your phone number you will see that says; Yes, text me an Account key, you have to click that button. Then a code will come on your phone number.

Step6: Here, if you have entered your Gmail recovery address, you will be sent a message by Yahoo asking you to enter the letter or missing numbers of the recovery option provided by Yahoo.

Step7: After doing this you can retrieve the account key.

Step8: you can check that 8 number’s code in your inbox message that was sent to you by Yahoo (if you want the review).

Step9: Now you can enter that code sent by Yahoo in the tax box and click on verify button

Step10:  Later you will have the option to select the account of whichever account you want to change the password you created. If you only have one account for Yahoo, you will not be prompted for this action.

Step11: Here you click on the new password option and re-enter your new password.

Step12: At last, you can click on continue and change your Yahoo password.

Follow Simple Steps to Change Yahoo Email Password on iPhone?

If you are using Yahoo Email on your iPhone, then you can easily change your password in this too. To change the yahoo email password on iPhone, you just have to follow these steps.

Step1: To reset the Yahoo Email password on your iPhone, you must be logged into the Yahoo page.

Step2: Now, if you are already logged in then you can reset the password by going to your yahoo setting without requiring your old password.

Step3: There is an option that will be coming on the left side, you have to click on it.

Step4: Then click on the Manage Accounts option. And now you see signed-in accounts.

Step5: Here you have to select your account whose password you want to change.

Step6: Click on the account info and then the security setting option.

Step7: If you use any touch ID or password then enter it, otherwise prompted.

Step8: Now you tap on change password for Yahoo account.

Step9: Then click on “I would rather change my password” for changing the password.

Step10: After creating the new password, click on continue to save it. And your Yahoo Email password has changed now.

Reset Yahoo Mail Password on iPhone?

If for any reason you do not remember the password of Yahoo email, then you can also reset it, so don’t worry, we have a solution for this, you just have to follow these steps given below.

Step1: Signing in to your Yahoo Email account.

Step2: Next to this, here, you need to enter your phone or recovery Email address. Then tap on the continue button.

Step3: After this click on Yes; to get the account key. This will provide a code on the phone number and r Email to enter by you.

Step4: After that, you can receive the verification code on your phone and you have to enter the code on the code box.

Step5: Now you click the only verify button and change your Yahoo Account password.

Here is Change Yahoo Email Password on Android?

If you access Yahoo Email on your Android device then you follow these steps. (steps are pretty similar to the iPhone) to change the Yahoo password.

Step1: Here you can see a menu icon on the top left side.

Step2: Then, you can click on the Manage Accounts option.

Step3: Click on the Account info option.

Step4: Now you see the security settings option, you have to click on it.

Step5: Enter the security code.

Step6: Tap on “Change password” to change the Yahoo mail password.

Step7: Enter your new password, re-enter to confirm it.

Step8: In the end click on the continue button to save your new password.


Yahoo Mail service is accessible on many devices such as mobile apps, desktops, and web browsers. If you have forgotten your Yahoo account password, you can reset it or if you want to change your password for security purposes, you can also change it.

Then you can simply go to the Yahoo account security page to change the password. Read all the above steps carefully and solve your problem.

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