How To Change Gmail Profile Picture Step By Step

change gmail profile image

There can be many reasons to change your Gmail picture. If you want to show your picture as well as work on your Gmail, that’s recent and professional manner. For any reason, don’t worry here you can learn how to Change Gmail Profile Picture very easily.

Here you can also learn how to change Gmail picture through your Gmail desktop website or through mobile app.

Read all the steps given below because by following them you can easily change or update your Gmail picture.

First of all, know that it’s not necessary contemporaneous to change it – it will take few minutes to show your Gmail picture on your Gmail website or mobile app. After that, you have to refresh your browser or restart your mobile to see the changes.

How To Change Gmail Profile Picture using the Desktop method

First, go to browser your Gmail via, and if you’re already logged in to your account, then well and good, or if you are not, first log into your Gmail account.

Now click on your profile picture icon, after that you see, there are “Two” options.

1. Update Gmail Profile Picture Using Camera Icon

Either you can click on the little “Cemera icon” at the top of the menu in there appears, another “Manage Your Google Account“.

You can click the little “camera icon” and change your profile picture.

When you click on the camera icon, a popup will open in front of you where you can upload your new image.

If you have updated the profile image of Gmail, then you click on the “Set As Profile Photo” button.

Finally, you have changed the Gmail profile picture.

2. Update Gmail Profile Image Using Manage Google Account

If you choose second option, “Manage Your Google Account” then read steps.

Open your Google account, and you can see the option Personal info tab on the left side of your desktop screen.

In the photo section, click on your current profile picture icon. And proceed by clicking on the Change button.

Click on-screen to select or upload your picture and then set your profile picture.

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How To Change Your Gmail Profile Picture using Mobile App Method

Its introduction is also the same for mobile app and android 10. Follow the steps given below to change Gmail picture.

Step 1: Open Gmail on your phone or iOS device.

Step 2: Here you will see on the side corner there is a photo icon, click on it.

Step 3: And now there will be two options on your screen, Manage your Google Account or Google Account button, its depends on your device.

Step 4: When the next screen loads, you have to choose Personal info.

Step 5: Here you have to find the option of basic info and click on your profile picture which you have already uploaded, (it’s alright even if you haven’t uploaded the picture already). Click on it.

Step 6: Now the explanation message will show on your android or iOS screen. Click on Set profile photo.

Step 7: Here you can select any save picture from your photo library, or you can also click photo from camera.

Step 8: Click ok, your Gmail Profile picture will be displayed.

Changing Gmail picture done through your Google account, and it may also happen that your Gmail picture does not show your Google account services or the Gmail picture may show within Gmail (your new picture will appear in the Gmail you send, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be visible to you either).

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