How To Change Gmail Password Step By Step


The password of Gmail should be strong and secure, but due to some reason, you have forgotten the login details of your Gmail. Or because of not having a strong password, you have thought about resetting or change gmail password.

As we know Gmail is an email service of Google and billions of people use it all over the world. And must have a strong password for the security of your account.

Making your password secure and strong should be your first step as it is important for your data and account. To avoid any hacking of your account password, you should change the account password from time to time.

If you are resetting or changing the Gmail password, then you should make sure that it is not in use with any other account and apps. This article to help to know about How can I reset the password for my Gmail account?

How can I change my Gmail password?

When you are login in to your Gmail account and you have forgotten your password or you want to change the password. So you can easily change your Gmail password by following the steps given below.

First of all, open in the tab of your browser. Then at the top of the right-hand side, you have to click on 9 dots or click on the given gmail link.

gmail link

If you have clicked on 9 dots, then the window will slide towards the bottom, and that you select Gmail.

gmail account tab

Now you will be on the mail inbox list of Gmail where you have to select the Setting(gear icon).

gmail setting icon

After that, the popup window will slide at the bottom where you have to click on See All Settings.

Now you will be on the page of all settings of Gmail, where you have to click on the Account and Import tab as shown on the image below.

Then scroll down the page and go to the section of “Change Account Settings” and click on the “Change Password” link.

Now in the new tab of the browser in front of you will confirm your password. If you remember the password, click on “Next“.

If you have forgotten the Gmail account password or you need to create a new password, then click on “Forgot Password?“.

Here you can change the password in two ways.

  1. Change Your Gmail Account Password Using Recovery Email Address.
  2. Change Gmail Password via SMS.

How do I reset my Google password without my phone number? Using Recovery Email Address

Recover email address is the best option to change or reset any password. Before this, it is necessary to tell that website what is your recovery address. Here recovery email id means – can be any other email id like,, etc.

If you have input the recovery email ID in your Gmail account, then you can easily change the password.

Now you will receive the code from google on your recover email id. This is the Google verification code.

After copying the Google code, and inputting it in the textbox, click on “Next” button.

If you have entered your Google code wrong then you cannot change your password.

Now you can change your Gmail password. Enter your strong password and click on the “Save Password” button.

Congratulations, you have finally changed the password of your Gmail account with your recovery email address.

If you have a problem changing your account password from Recovery Email id, then you can choose the second option.

Gmail Password Change Via SMS

Before changing the password of your account with SMS, you should remember with which phone number you have registered. If you have forgotten, then do not worry, you can change the Gmail password by following the steps given below.

Click on the “Try another way” option to change the password from SMS.

Now the phone number verification window will open in front of you, where you will see the last 2 digits of your phone number, which is the phone number you have.

Two options have been given to verify your phone with Google.

  1. Text – You will get the code from Google on the phone number via SMS.
  2. Call – You will get the code from Google on the phone number via Call.

You can choose any one option, here is how you have to change the Gmail password been told from the text message.

After receiving the code in a text message on your phone number, enter it in the textbox and click on “Next“.

After that you input your new password, remember that your Gmail password is secure and strong.

Finally, you have changed the password of your Gmail account.

Why is it important to change the password from time to time?

Whether the password is for your Gmail account or your bank account or social media account, whatever account you do it. After a time, definitely change the password of that account.

This is a part of your personal life, you do not share the password with anyone. Change your account password to avoid hacking.

If you forget the password of your account after changing the password, then you must note it somewhere or you can save it in your browser.

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