How to Change Gmail Password On Android

how to change gmail password on android

As we all know, again and again happens that we forget our Gmail password. So, if you are also in the same situation and not able to log in then you can reset Or change your Gmail account password on android.

Like we all know, Gmail is one of the most important parts of Google. Most of our phones app are connected to Gmail. From time reminders from friends and family reunion photos to your most other important things.

If you know that for us Gmail is about more than sending and receiving messages. So, protecting our google password is one of the most important thing – as is changing it. if you don’t have gmail login account don’t worry see this article step by step create gmail account.

For your information, you can change your Gmail password on your desktop, iPhone, or any android version of Gmail.

how to change gmail password on android device

Without talking too much, here I’m going to tell you some of the basic ways through which you can change Or reset your Gmail password on your android phone. Actually, there process for changing a Gmail password can differ from device to device.

So, Android users will need to follow their own set of steps to open the door to their email fort.

Change Gmail Password On Android Mobile

Change your Gmail password on android now lets get started the easiest way to change your Gmail password on an android device is through the Gmail mobile app.

This app comes per-installed on most Android devices.

how to change gmail password on android

But if you don’t see it on your device you can download Gmail for free from the Google Play Store

install gmail on play store

Now launch the Gmail app.

gamil icon on android

Sign into your google account if you aren’t signed in automatically.

Tab the menu icon in the top left corner.

change gmail password on android

Open the SETTINGS app on your android phone Or tablet.

gmail setting link

After opening SETTINGS on your device and tap My Account “Manage your Google account”.

change gmail password go to my account

If the “Sign-in & security” option at the top is available, tap it. Otherwise, tap the menu icon and then tap Sign-in & security.

Now, under the “signing into Google “option, tap on password, you will be asked to sign in to your account.

For security purpose you’ll need to type in the current password for your account.

Now you can type in what you’d like your new password to be Google requires that your password be a minimum of 8 characters to make a strong password choose a mixture of letters.

Numbers or symbols so it’s harder for other people to guess typing the same password.

In the second text box to confirm when you are done tap “change password”.

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