How To BlueHost Email Setup iPhone Or iPad

BlueHost Email Setup iPhone Or iPad

Bluehost is the most preferred web hosting in the world. From here you can also buy the email you get from the domain for your business. If you have received email and you are trying to setup email from Bluehost on your iPhone or iPad. So this article will help in solving your Bluehost Email Setup problem. Setup Email on your an iPhone or iPad

Bluehost webmail email account can be easily configured on your iOS device. For this, some settings have to be changed, you can complete this process by following the steps given below.

  1. First go to settings for your email account.
  2. log in to your Bluehost control panel.
  3. After that go to the Email tab.
  4. Then select Email Configuration from the side menu.

Configure Your Bluehost iPhone Email setup

To connect your Bluehost webmail hosting account to iOS device, you can connect by following the settings given below.

Go to –> Home screen and tap the Settings icon.

iPhone setting icon

After that scroll down and click Mail.

connect bluehost tto email

Now Tap Add Account.

Choose Other option.

Finally Choose Add Mail Account.

Enter New Account Information To connect webmail

  1. Enter your name, email address, password and any description or domain name.
  2. Once done, click Next.

Receiving email on your iPhone device or sending email from Bluehost webmail account can be a challenge. You can find a solution by doing IMAP (Incoming Mail), SMTP (Outgoing Mail), and pop Setting. By setting the email client, you can get the email in your device without having to open any webmail

BlueHost Email Setting

Email Client Settings
Outgoing Server
Incoming Server
Incoming Server

Incoming Mail Server Setting (IMAP)

  • Host Name – Enter your domain email
  • User Name – Your email address.
  • Password – Password for your email address.

Outgoing Mail Server Setting (SMTP)

  • Host Name – The same as the incoming server.
  • User Name – Your email address.
  • Password – Password webmail your email account.

Finally you are done.

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