Google AdSense Approval For New Blogger In 2021

Google adsense approval 2021

Today, some people have chosen blogging as their career so that they can earn money, it is very important to get the approval of Google Adsense. New bloggers work on their blogs to earn money as quickly as possible and mistake it and that they have to bear the loss later.

If you want to earn money online then blogging is the best option for you.

Google AdSense Approval

For the new blogger, I would like to say that if you have started working on the blog, then you should think about Google Adsense. Google has made changes in its policy, which has made it easy to get approval.

When you are blogging, you face many problems such as traffic requirements for AdSense. Although traffic is not so much necessary, it is also important to have it because if there is no traffic then your Google Adsense has no meaning.

Important Points : Traffic and SSL are not required for google AdSense approval.

Google AdSense Approval for WordPress Website

Before doing this, it is important to give focus on some points of your new wordpress website, if you did not do this, then Google Adsense will not approve. Here are 12 points that will make your Google AdSense approval easy.

  1. Select Your Niche.
  2. Use Long-tail Keyword.
  3. Unique Content.
  4. Article Length and SEO.
  5. Mobile Friendly Website.
  6. SSl (Secure Sockets Layer) Certificate.
  7. Approx 10-15 Article in your Blog.
  8. Using Keyword Planner.
  9. Most Important Pages.
  10. Share Your Blog Website.
  11. Don’t Use Images with Copyright.
  12. Remove Other Ads When Applying.

1) Select Your Niche

Every person is an expert in some fields (category). If you are a new blogger then you must first work on one of your niches, because working on different below would be a problem in Google indexing.

Just like the app is creating a blog on digital marketing, you are posting category posts from it, digital marketing is a niche. To capture the user experience, it is necessary to fall into the same category, posting a separate category is bad for the user.

5 Best Niche For your website

  1. Travel
  2. Health
  3. Jobs
  4. Education
  5. Make Money Online

2) Use Long-Tail Keyword

Keyword research is very important before writing an article and which keywords should be used. you will want to rely more on Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) keywords and long-tail keywords than stuffing your text with short keywords.

Keywords are a source of organic traffic to our website. Use Always Long-Tail Keywords for new blog.

There is a high volume on the short tail keyword, but the competitions is also high so new blogs are not available in Google search. By doing the long tail keyword, it helps to index your website in Google.

3) Unique Content

Before taking approval of Google AdSense, be sure that if you have not copied the content of any post, then remove it. Because Google has made changes in its search policy, earlier the website used keyword tags to appear in the search index.

But now this is the new policy, Google reads the paragraph of the post and indexes the website.

Adding the chance of approval of AdSense increases by placing trendy posts and unique content on the website.

4) Article Length And SEO

Mostly, it has been seen that the article length does not have much importance for AdSense. However, the script of any article should not be less than 300 words, maximum 1000 to 1500 words.

To increase the organic traffic, the post should be On-page SEO and Off-page SEO.

5) Mobile Friendly Website

In today’s modern times, the website has to be mobile friendly. Google quickly ranks this website which is mobile friendly.

Check your website Google Mobile-Friendly Test

If your website is not mobile friendly, then the approval of Google Adsense may take time or Google may ask you to fix the problem.

6) SSl (Secure Sockets Layer) Certificate

Most of the people think that to get approval of Google Adsense, it is necessary to have a SSL. It is also very important for the user experience to be successful. This makes the user feel secure.

I can tell my experience that SSL is not required for google Adsense.

SSl not required

If you get approval of AdSense without SSL, then you should also give the focus on the security, then use the SSL Certificate.

7) Approx 10-15 Article in your Blog

Before taking approval of Google Adsense Approval, there should be at least 10 to 15 articles on your blog. Whenever you are posting an article on the website, you should highlight the internal link of the other post. Because whenever a user is reading your post, it is only through internal links to take it to another post.

You should post at least 2 posts in a week and it is important that you post at a particular time only.

Article Post Time

8) Using Google Keyword Planner

Keyword research is always a problem for new bloggers, they wonder which keyword tool is it. So I will suggest Google Keyword Planner Tool, which is a free tool for keyword research.

If you want to use paid tools, then this post will help you. In this, tools for paid and free keyword research are available.

Keyword Research Tools List To Rank Blog Quickly in 2021

Free Keyword Research Tool List

9) Most Important Pages

Here are 5 pages that must be created before taking Google AdSense approval.

  1. Terms of Service
  2. DMCA
  3. Privacy Policy
  4. Contact Us
  5. About Us

10) Share Your Blog Website

To bring traffic to the website, social media should be used in its entirety. If you are sure that you have completed the post, then it is necessary to reach the people. And it is possible with social media because it is a free traffic source.

It takes a lot of hard work and SEO strategy to get organic traffic so that your post can be indexed on Google. But this is a cause of trouble for the new blogger.

If your post is not ranked on Google, then you should do social sharing, this increases the probability of the blog being indexed on Google.

11) Don’t Use Images with Copyright

Images have an important place in any post because the user finds out from the images on which subject your post is. By the way, you must have heard that the copyright images should not be used.

It is true that images of posts on Google would also rank. If you are unable to use copyright images, then you can use Photoshop to create images of the subject of the blog itself.

It is mandatory for use images to be lightweight in the post.

To avoid copyright images, the app can use the graphic design tool Canva, which is available for free and paid.

canva tool for Google AdSense Approval
Canva Design Tool

12) Remove Other Ads When Applying

If you are waiting for approval of Google AdSense or have done a new registration or it is taking the time. By the way, Google is looking for a bug in your website, but you should also be sure that you are not doing any advertisement.

The reason for not getting approval of AdSense is that sometimes there are also unwanted links that are on your website.

Sometimes it takes 1 to 2 weeks for approval, but it is important to keep patience if everything is correct on your website, then approval is available.

Google Adsense Eligibility

  • You need to be at least 18 years old.
  • Active Gmail account that isn’t linked to an AdSense account.
  • You need to have a Blog website, and that website needs to meet all of Google’s terms of service.

Google policies here:

Account Approval Process

  • Ensure your website is compatible with AdSense
  • Sign up for an AdSense account
  • Login to your AdSense account
  • Add the AdSense code
  • Wait for 1-2 weeks for final review & approval

How To Register Google Adsense Account

To register on Google AdSense account, we have given right to step by step process, which will be easy for you to understand.

Step 1) : Click here this link —>


Click on the SIGNUP Now button and you can sign if you are already registered.

Step 2): On clicking the sign, you have to enter your website and the email from which you want to register.

Only one Google AdSense account will be activated from one email.

Step 3): Fill Your Country and accept Google Terms and Conditions.

Step 4): Fill your address details with phone number.

Address form Google AdSense Approval

Step 5): Now you have got the code to Google Adsense, just like you put it on your website through step by step process.

  1. Copy the code below.
  2. Paste this code between <head> </head> tags.

If you have placed the AdSense code in the head tag of your website, then click on the check box.

Click on Done Button –>

AdSense Code Google AdSense Approval

If you clicked the button without applying the code, you will get an error of code missing.

Show Error Google AdSense Approval

Step 6): After completing the form, the email you registered with Google AdSense approval mail comes.

Msg send in gamil account Google AdSense Approval

Step 7): Check your mail id and click activated button andyou saw that your account has been approved. Finally, google will start having ad on your website.

Msg of Google AdSense Approval

Step 8): After completing all the process, you will show the earnings page, here we can see how much your website has earn in the month.

It is necessary to have at least 100 $ to do withdraw.


I can tell you with sure that if you follow these processes, the approval of Google AdSense will be found soon. If you are taking time in approval, then you will have to wait for some time.

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