Gmail Not Receiving Emails | You Need To Know About

Gmail not receiving emails

There can be many reasons for not receiving email in Gmail like Gmail crash problem, Gmail storage full, connection error, browser problem, etc. If you are also facing a similar problem due to which you are not able to receive an email in Gmail on iPhone, Android, iPad, Pc.. This article is going to be helpful for you to fix this Gmail Not Receiving Emails issue.

Email is a good way to communicate with any person. Email is the only way through which you can communicate with any member or customer of your family without any problem. If someone wants to send documents or images or simple text, then we keep email as a priority. But sometimes we face critical errors in receiving emails.

Why gmail not receiving emails? – Multiple things that can cause Gmail not receiving emails, such as

  1. Gmail account set up issue.
  2. Problems related to Antivirus.
  3. Turning off email forwarding and firewalls.
  4. Mails going into a different folder.
  5. Spam messages.
  6. Gmail sync issues, server outage, email filters.
  7. Connection error, browser problem.

Here we are talking about a common discussion. Not receiving emails has become a problem for you. If you are using Gmail to send or retrieve email, then this is a big issue. Where you can’t receive any new email in Gmail.

Many users are complaining about not getting any new emails in their accounts. I am not receiving any new emails in my Gmail inbox. Because of this many users have reached the status of frustrated. If you are also looking for the reason for not receiving email in 2022 Gmail, then at this problem, many troubleshooting methods can fix that issue.

What to do if Gmail is not receiving Emails

If “not getting emails Gmail” and are not able to understand that due for some reason this problem is coming. Here is many method for the solution to your problem regarding “Gmail Not Receiving Emails“.

Checking Gmail Storage Quota

Whenever you create a new Gmail account, Google gives up to 15GB of free storage for each account. Where you can save photos, documents, videos in your Google Drive. But you get it up to a limit. If you are thinking that there is separate storage for email then it is not right.

The maximum free storage Quota for Gmail, Google Drive, and Google Photos is 15GB.

If you have an old account and your inbox is full due to which email is not being received. How to see that Gmail inbox is full, you will be able to know by following the steps given below.

  1. Open your Gmail account as usual.
  2. You scroll down the page and you will get to know the storage of your Gmail account.
Checking Gmail Storage Quota

The biggest reason for not having an email received is your storage, if you want to have more storage than 15 GB, then you can upgrade the Gmail storage plan. If you are not willing to do so, then you can increase the capacity of the Gmail quota by deleting unwanted mail from your Gmail inbox.

Use Different Browser when you not receiving Emails

open gmail on different browser

The browser company from time to time asks for the updated information to the user and the browser is updated according to your arrangement. This can also be one of the reasons for not getting emails in Gmail’s inbox. If the version of your browser is out of date then you may have to face more problems.

If your Gmail account is being signed in and you are not getting any email then you can use a different updated browser. Your problem may be solved on another browser and you will get the email you are want to receive.

Use Strong Internet Connection when Email Not Receive

Use Strong Internet Connection when Email Not Receive

It takes a good internet connection to communicate digitally which is very helpful in moving you or your business forward. You may have to face many issues from weak internet and your work system will be affected.

You definitely won’t receive an email in Gmail because of slow internet and this can be a serious problem. To receive emails in Gmail, you are expected to check your internet speed. To check your internet speed, you can use any device like a phone or PC and you can also visit an online internet speed check site.

  1. Speed test By Ookla
  2. Speedof

If you have checked the internet speed and this problem still persists then you have to check the network speed from your side.

Turn Off Firewalls

First of all, let us know what is firewall and why it is important for our system. A firewall is a network security device that controls incoming or outgoing network traffic. And it filters whether there are no issues in the middle of the internet communication. The main purpose of a firewall is to not allow dangerous traffic in or out.

urn Off Firewalls

Depending on the security setting, the firewall also blocks emails that are harmful to your system. This can also be done to block Gmail emails. You can find out your problem by changing the setting of firewall for some time.

Here is to disable the firewall setting

  • First go to the “Start menu” and select “Settings“.
  • After that click on the “Update & Security > Windows Security & head towards the “Firewall & network” protection.
  • From the “Windows Security” settings, select the Network profile option.
  • Turn off the Firewall feature.

If you have not received an email in Gmail even after deactivating the firewall, then you should enable the firewall. Because by enabling the firewall, whatever dangerous content will not reach your system. You can use third-party antivirus to avoid dangerous content to your system.

Is Gmail Server Is Down Today

Gmail is the most used email platform worldwide. Here every day some new Gmail id keeps on creating. Non-receipt of email cannot be an issue for Gmail as it is a reliable client app that is made up of many servers. Your account will not be open when Gmail’s server is down, but this problem can not be solved from your side, this problem can happen for a few minutes.

The downing of Gmail’s server is called the Gmail outage problem. How to check if the Gmail server is down today. To see this, you can access it from a PC, laptop, iPhone, or any Android device by visiting the website.

Manage Inbox for receiving Gmail emails – Edit and Delete filters

There are many such settings of Gmail that make the work of the user easier. You have tons of emails piled up in your inbox but you can’t seem to find anyone’s specific email. You use the Gmail filter setting to filter emails. Which displays your list of emails correctly.

Many times after applying the email filter, the email is not received in your Gmail, but due to the filter setting, it has been transferred to a folder. But you are not able to find that email. An email filter is a good idea for you, it also depends on your work.

You can edit and delete the filter settings of Gmail and can receive emails as before.

Turn Off Email Forwarding In Gmail

Transferring email from one account to another is fine, but it can sometimes be problematic. Suppose you are forwarding the emails of your Gmail account to another account with the help of POP and IMAP settings.

If you have forgotten the password of the account in which the emails are being transferred and it is taking time for you to recover it. If you want to retrieve an email, you can turn off email forwarding and then ask your sender to send the email again.

After turning off the gmail email forwarding setting, you can do it as desired and this process will be started again.

  • Go to Settings button in “Gmail“.
  • Open that tab “Forwarding and POP/IMAP.
  • After that click the “Disable forwarding” option.
  • Now, click on the save changes option.
  • This process is complete for Turn Off Email Forwarding In Gmail.

Email Forwarding Issues (Incorrect IMAP or POP Setting)

To receive an email in Gmail, users transfer many of their email accounts to a Gmail account. To forward emails to your primary mail account, you use POP and IMAP settings. With the help of these settings, you can transfer emails from any account to another account.

AOL Mail, Yahoo Mail, or Webmail You have to manage many such email accounts at once, which is a waste of your time. Instead of managing multiple mail accounts at the same time, you can get all the emails on one email account.

Email forwarding issue You do not receive the emails as it may be due to the user not setting the POP and IMAP correctly.

Disable Your Antivirus Program

The biggest reason for not receiving email in Gmail can also be your antivirus. Mac-fee, Avast, Quickheal there are many anti viruses that have the feature of filtering emails, if you have a virus in your incoming email, then you cannot get that email. An incoming email cannot be intercepted if an email, unfortunately, contains a virus in the Gmail file attachment.

Disable Your Antivirus Program

If you use good antivirus software for your browser, then you will be secure from all these problems. You can disable your Antivirus program of your if you think there is anything you need to do to receive an email. By following the steps given below, you can disable antivirus to receive an email in Gmail.

  • Press |Ctrl+Shift+Esc| in order to open up the Task Manager.
  • Go to ‘startups’ and then look for your “Antivirus Software“.
  • Right-click your Antivirus program and then choose ‘Disable’.
  • After that, you must restart your computer.

Now by opening your browser, log in to Gmail as usual and check the email. Still, you haven’t received the email then you can ask your client to resend the email again. Get your email in Gmail. After receiving the email in Gmail, the antivirus running in the operating system should be restarted as this process does not happen again and again.

Track Your Email With GSuite when Gmail Not Receiving emails

Track Your Email With GSuite

You have followed many steps but no email has been retrieved in your Gmail. How to know whether the email has been sent or not.
If no mail has arrived in your inbox, then you can ask the sender whether the mail has been sent.

Are you looking for a system to track emails, then GSuite will be the best for you. After subscribing to Gusuite, you can track the email, what is the problem with the email that did not reach the inbox.

After taking the subscription plan of Gusuite, you will be able to know the tracking system of the email properly. You can track emails sent to Google’s servers and also find out how many emails have been sent and did not reach your inbox.

Google Support Number for Gmail

Google Support Number for Gmail

Whenever you need support for Google or Gmail mail problems, Google support is excellent. In the Internet market, there are many companies in the name of Google Customer Support or Gmail Customer Support Number, that money is charged from the user. But Google does not have any support number, you may be unaware of it, but you should avoid the support that the company gives it. To solve any problem with Gmail, you can find your issue by using Google search and you can find and fix it.

The browser should be updated from time to time

Failure to update the browser can also be the reason for not getting mail on Gmail so update your browser from time to time. Continuing to use the old browser version can cause you to go through a lot of troublesome stuff.

It is possible that whenever you are signing in to Gmail, your browser may be automatically closed due to crashing or it is taking more loading time to open a website.

If you do not want any problems with your browser then you should update the browser.

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