Discord Server Setup For Beginners Step By Step Guide

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Discord server is the best communication app for the online community. If you are a contact creator or a live streamer, they interact with their followers but it is very difficult to handle your followers. In this article, you will know that ” How to install Discord Server For Beginners “.

Now these days the trend of the internet is in improving social dynamics and increasing your fan following. As the number of your follower’s increases, you do not get them strong because you do direct message to interact with your people or online chat applications enable you to entertain them.

Whether it is a gaming community or a content community or a live stream, it is all over the internet and the number of fan followers of these people is considerable. Discord server has gone a long way to keeping communicators with more and more people.

What is Discord Server?

Discord is an App for free calling, video, or chatting. The trend of this server has increased a lot since 2015 because these apps can manage multiple groups at once. It is also easy to do group calling or chatting with them by forming any kind of community with your friend or with the family.

This app used by tens of millions of people ages 15+ to talk and hang out with their communities and friends.

People use Discord daily to talk about many things like group talk, family trip, gaming. Discord is a communicator that allows one member to access a message from another member and You can also share videos, images, internet links, music, and more.

If you have a large community or a group, with this app, you can create multiple channels and handle them at the same time.

Why use Discord actually?

Discord can connect to many apps such as YouTube, Facebook and can be easily installed on mobile and desktop.
It does not matter which app he is connected with

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  • It is a group-chatting platform originally built for gamers.
  • Discord platform general use for many kinds of communities.
  • Discords can be divided in the server as we can validate our members in any channel or board and topics.
  • Discord also allows users to voice and video chat and group discussion.
  • This collective conversation platform has been by the Discord server to talk to its member or share videos while playing most of the games.
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If you are a beginner and you do not know “how to install Discord server” on your computer by following the steps given below.

Discord Server Setup: Step By Step Process for Beginners

To install Discord Server, open your web browser and then search with Discord App in Google’s search query after that click on the first link in the given list whose URL is Discord.com.

search on google discord server

After that, you will have “Two options” shows on Discord home page.

1# Discord Server Download For Window – If you do not want to access the browser repeatedly, you can make your desktop a server. This process has been completed with a simple step.

Click here to “Download for Windows” button.

It may take some time to become download. After completing the download, you can click on the “Download Folder” of My computer and click on it.

2# Open Discord in your browser – Click on the button “Open Discord in your browser” to access this server in your browser.

discord home page  discord server

As you know, personal information is asked from you to do registration on any website. It is important to share your information with a company. Because he gives information about the updates happening to you and you are a real customer for them.

The Discord server must have an account to do that. To create your account, fill in the fields of Email, Username, Password, and Data Of Birth.

After that, you can proceed by clicking the “Continue” button.

How to Verify Discord Account

To continue using Discord, we will need you to verify your account. There is the Two option to verify your account Email and Phone for continue to access your Discord server.

Click on the Verify By Phone button, you Enter your Mobile number with the Country code. A 6 digit code will be received on your mobile device from Discord, written that code, and Enter your password After inputting the password, click on Confirm button.

After that, Click on Verify By Email.

Now the verification mail will be sent by Discord server on your email id and by clicking on that mail, you will be able to verify your email id.

After completing the verification process, you will come to the dashboard of Discord Saver. In this way, you have been able to install your server.

discord deskboard - discord server

Is Discord Server install in Apple, Android

If you want to know whether you can install Discord Server in Apple, Android also? yes, You can easily install it on your device by following the given steps.

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