How To Create An Instagram Account Step by Step

how to create an instagram account

Nowadays many people are active on Social Media. And the usage of Instagram is increasing day by day. Many people use Instagram on their mobiles. But many people do not know “how to create an Instagram account.” So you don’t need to worry, here you can understand this very well. 

People don’t know how to use the Instagram app, Instagram is a platform where many people show their talent like dance, music, photography cooking and talk to different people, learns some new things, show creatives, and can upload their photos and videos. Even they also earn money from making good content.

To increase the number of your followers along with creating an account of Instagram, you will also have to focus on it. Your followers help in making your Instagram id popular. To get 1000 followers for free on Instagram, you can read this article, which will help you a lot.

Instagram account on your mobile

Create An Instagram Account From Your Mobile

Follow these steps to create your Instagram account quickly: 

Instagram For Android

  1. Go to  Play store for Android and Download the Instagram application on your mobile.
  2. After downloading the Instagram application click on the Instagram App Icon.
  3. Click the option to register. 
  4. Two way to register on Instagram: through your phone or with your email. 
  5. Fill the all information during register on Instagram.
  6. Alternatively, if you have wanted to create your Instagram profile through Facebook, you will have to log in.

Instagram For iPhone

  1. Go to App store for iPhone and Download the Instagram application on your iPhone. 
  2. Download this app on your phone then after tab on Instagram app.
  3. Click the option to register. 
  4. You have two ways to do it: phone and email.
  5. If you have Facebook account you create easily Instagram account.

Create Your INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT From the Computer

Follow these steps you have to create an Instagram account from your computer.

  1. Open your web browser and go to official website.
  2. Fill all details like email address, username and a password.  You also have the other option to create an account using Facebook.
  3. If you have wanted to use your email you will have to register, or with Facebook, you have to log in.
Instagram home page

Follow these Steps To Create a Free Instagram Account

Sing up with Facebook:

  • First, you have to go to the play store on your phone and install Instagram.
  • Now you need to sign up for Instagram
  • If you need to create an account, then tap on sign up. You would be seeing multiple options.
  • First option is to continue with your Facebook account, if you want to sign up with your Facebook account, you can continue as Facebook.
  • And it would ask you for your email and password of your Facebook.
  • After you sign up your Instagram account will be created.
  • Sing up with phone and email:
  • Apart from this, there is also a second option that is “sign up with phone and email”
  • Tap this option and if you want to go with email, simply enter email in case of the phone simply go and enter your phone number.
  • Once you Type all details then tap on next
  • Then tap on create a new account.
  • After that simply go and add your name and add your password.
  • Tap on next, your account will be created on Instagram.

Create An Instagram Account Without A Phone Number

  • Open your Instagram, here you can see an option “sing up with email address/phone number”.
  • Click on it and go with the “email address” option.
  • Enter your email and tap on next.
  • After doing this you will get a confirmation code, then you have to enter the code and tap next.
  • Then add your name, create a password, add your birth date, click on next.
  • And now if you want to connect it to your Facebook you can, if not you skip that.
  • After doing all this your Instagram ID is created.

Create A Instagram Business Account

It is very easy to create a business account on Instagram. If you want to start a business on Instagram and if you create an account related to business, then you will have to convert your Instagram account as a business account. It’s actually important to show all analytics to you related to your work. Here you can easily learn how to create a business account.

Convert in business account:

  • First open your Instagram ID and go to settings.
  • Here you can see many options; you have to choose “Swatch to professional account” click on it.
  • Then, here shows two options first is creator, and second business you can click on “business”.
  • After doing this you click on continue and here many business categories are available you can select your business category and click on next.  
  • Nowhere shows two options “continue with phone number and email address” you continue with any of one. Like choose email, enter your email address.
  • After entering all of this your business account is created.

Permanently Delete Your Instagram Account

If ever you want to delete your Instagram account then you wonder how you delete it. No problem, here you will easily understand how you can delete it.

  • Open your Instagram account and you can see three dots on the right side, click on it then go to settings.
  • There you can see many options, click on “help”.
  • After doing that there are shows some other options you can select “help center”.
  • Then click on “manage your account settings” here you can see an option “delete your account” easily click on it.
  • Doing this you see here some options you have to click on delete account permanently.
  • Then here open a page related to all the information, if you want, you can read it.
  • At the end of the page you will see a link, you have to click on it.
  • Now it will ask you user name and password, enters it.
  • Here you have to give a reason why you want to delete your Instagram account and click on next.
  • After that in the last page was opened, you  have to type again your password here and easily click on “delete your Instagram account”
  • Now your Instagram account deleted permanently.

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