Blogging For Beginners Step By Step Guide

how to start a blog in 2021

For starting a blog you have to choose an interesting topic and niche for your website. Here we are providing you blogging for beginners step by step guide in 2021. What do you want to start blogging on? What is it that you want to tell people, they want to learn, And how much information you have about that thing is very important?

In today’s time, everyone wants to do a part-time job, to earn some extra money, people often work for money but the job is right for those who have their full time, but most of the people also Are who wants to do the part-time job.

Students are the people who keep searching for online part-time jobs, although there are a lot of part-time jobs available online like Survey Jobs, Data Entry Jobs, Translator Jobs, and many more jobs, today we are doing that part-time Talking about work, which has become very famous in the recent few days is Blogging,

What are the things required to start blogging: – 1. A computer/laptop or mobile 2. an internet connection. It is very important to have a laptop or computer to start a blog, so I would advise that you can take any conditional basic laptop. With this, you can do your hour work in minutes.

Best 6 Steps For Starting Your Blog

  1. Pick a Name For Your Blog
  2. Pick a Domain Name
  3. Select A Web Hosting Plan
  4. Starting A Blog On WordPress
  5. Write And Publish Articles
  6. Customize Your Blog

Step1: Pick a Name For Your Blog

At the starting of selecting a topic you have to choose the best 4 to 5 categories for blog and website, according to your wish, you have to select the category on which you want to write articles on which you have selected 5 of your category.

  1. Technology
  2. Education
  3. Computer
  4. Medical
  5. News
choose name for blog

These are the 5 best categories according to your wish in which you are interested. Now you have to choose only one topic in all of these. The name of your blog should be related to your interest.

After selecting the category you have to write 4 to 5 posts in all of them. At the beginning of blogging, most people name their blog without thinking, but it’s not good.

Step2: Pick a Domain Name

Whenever we search the name of this website on Google, then we call the name of that website, every domain name has its own IP Address or it is also called IPv4.

The domain name is the main identity of your web page, through domain name visitors are also capable to reach your website.

For choosing a domain name you have to choose a keyword that matches your website name. Many online sites are available which helps to find a top-level domain name.

Some online domain name generators are given here.

choose a domain name

Before buying a domain name, you have to think on which topic you want to start a blog, you will start your own blog on the same field in which you have a lot of interest, like Technology, Fashion, News, Health, Cooking, Travel, Food, Beauty, etc. Choose the same topic from which you have the most knowledge.

Step3: Select A Web Hosting Plan

Today I will tell you why we use web hosting? By using web hosting we can access the website information of any person from anywhere all over the world.

Web hosting gives space on the Internet which means that it stores files, images, and videos of your website on a special computer known as a server. This server connected to the Internet all the time.

select web hosting

Web hosting services provide various companies like Godaddy, Bluehost, Hostinger, BigRock, Hostgator, etc. There are some online platforms that help us to select a good web hosting plan.

Step4: Starting A Blog On WordPress

WordPress is a content management system. And to install it, a web server is needed which we call an internet hosting service or network host like Hostgator, Bluehost, etc.

For starting a blog we are providing whole knowledge in Blogging For Beginners Step By Step Guide. While installing WordPress, keep in mind some important things: –

  • Do not forget to install an SSL certificate Always install WordPress in the nacked domain and not with www.
  • When installing WordPress, double-check everything like login username password.
  • Never cancel while installing WordPress. Now your blog is almost ready. Now it is left to decorate it well.

How to install WordPress on local computer

Step5: Write And Publish Articles

First, you have to login into your WordPress account with a username and password. After logging in there is a post option, you have to open it and create a new post.

Your article should be unique. If you post copied content, your page will not rank and will not give good results. So be care careful in writing articles. You can get all the information about Blogging For Beginners Step By Step Guide article.

write article

Now you have to ready to write an article. Whatever you write about, just select and write the keyword. Blog-start-how-to-write-your-post-how Try to understand the reader coming in the right way as a teacher. Just now your blog is 100% ready.

Step6: Customize Your Blog

I will tell you about the basics of WordPress and you will know how easy it is and how enjoyable.

customize blog
  • WordPress will be familiar with the Dashboard
  • Change blog design
  • Installing a new plugin/feature
  • Making your blog search engine friendly

Customization of the blog is very important for blogging. You have to choose a light theme and the best plugins. The plugin section is very helpful to add extra features to our website.

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