Best LinkedIn Profile Secret In 2021 To Get Jobs

Best LinkdIn Profile

Yes, an online presence is very much necessary whether you are looking for a job currently or just updating your current position. Your profile on LinkedIn will tell everything about you. If you are searching for the “Best LinkedIn Profile” then this article is for you.

It is an opportunity for you to present yourself in the best way possible, LinkedIn is a platform full of job opportunities and tons of connections can be made from this platform. It totally depends on you and your techniques and what are you trying to achieve from LinkedIn.

This blog is all about the practical journey which I am going to share with you about how I got so many leads and helped my friend in getting a job in one of his dream companies.

Best LinkedIn Marketing Tips

The Secret Of Best LinkedIn Profile

Well, there is no doubt that LinkedIn is the world’s largest platform for professionals. You can find everyone from the CEO to the CTO of the company on LinkedIn. Studies show that 90% of the companies use LinkedIn to research candidates.

A secret hack about LinkedIn which no one is going to tell you is that if you complete all the details of your profile then you are going to receive 40x more job offers and business opportunities.

To get a boost on the LinkedIn journey you must notice that your good profile should look like your whole journey rather than just a piece of CV.

Try to follow this guidelines to end up having your goals achieved.

Good LinkedIn Profile Bullet Points

  1. Brand yourself.
  2. Good Intro, Image, Headlines.
  3. Share Experience & Education.
  4. Display Projects in your LinkedIn Profile.
  5. Skills & Endorsements.
  6. Recommendations.
  7. Connect with others.

The Important Basic Step is to Freshen up your Best LinkedIn Profile.

1) Brand Yourself

Branding yourself is the most important and basic step which you should be following while starting your journey. As a LinkedIn user, you will know who branding will help you achieve your goals.

Just imagine you have been called to a conference and you have been told to give a speech about yourself. So how well you will be prepared that time. You will tell me everything about yourself and your work. Do the same with your profile. Just explain everything from scratch in your profile.

2) Image, Headlines and Intro

Making a first impression is everything. Be in control of how you present yourself when getting a glimpse at your profile. Because the first impression is the last impression. You just have to be professional enough to make some good connections on LinkedIn.

So what can you do?

  • Upload a high quality image that is professional, clear and facing-front.
  • Draft a headline that is brief, readable and relevant and searchable.
  • Summarize an intro section up to one paragraph that gives an overview of your experience and the type of things you are interested in and also try including some SEO friendly keywords to get more optimized profile.
  • Try avoiding cheesy titles for your headline like “Ninja” or “Superstar” or keywords that affect the mentality of the user.

3) Experience & Education

The main content of your profile, this section should include the why people should hire you and what have you accomplished so far. Try avoiding telling much about previous company and make sure to add your role inside the company.

Main strategy :

Write down the places you’ve worked, any schools you attended and professional training you had (courses, coding boot camps)

Specify 3 things that you simply have accomplished or completed in all.

List the technologies, languages and frameworks you’ve used.

Go over all and elegance them during way that targets your next position. If it’s not relevant for your next position – let it go.

4) Projects

Did you build a side project? Did you’re employed on a final assignment? Side projects will present you as more professional, passionate, hard-working and can provide a glimpse of what you’re capable of so what are you able to do?

Add your projects with a title and a brief description explaining what you probably did. Don’t twiddle my thumbs on technical terms to elucidate how, this is often the proper place for it.

Share your code on GitHub, Bitbucket, or the other platform. If possible, even publish them to Google Play or App Store and add the link.

5) Skills & Endorsements

As an engineer, skill is often a platform, a language, a kind of framework, a career interest. Also, consider listing ‘people skills’ to inform about your nature.

Believe what people would say if asked what quiet qualities does one has that stand out? As always, aim for your next position, for instance, list leadership qualities if you’re trying to find a managing career path.

So what are you able to do?

Choose a minimum of 5 relevant skills and strengths you would like to be known for list them so as of priority for top ranking in search results. Ask for endorsements from your connections (will get to the way to build your network) and in fact, keep it mutual by endorsing others.

6) Recommendations

Remember that big tech conference we visited at the beginning of the article? this is often the part once you leave and therefore the person who introduced you’ll say a couple of words and vouch for you. this is often a really powerful section you’ll use to form you more accessible and trustworthy.

Best LinkedIn Profile- social share
Image source Google

So what are you able to do?

List 10 belongings you want to emphasize, qualities that can characterize you, and think who is best to testify that quality about you.

Choose 7 people from your network you know and trust, preferable colleagues, managers, classmates, teachers, etc.

Suggest sending them a draft or some sentences which will get them started. Remember they are probably very busy with their daily lives and you want to create it easier for them to help you.

7) Connect with OthersLinkedIn Profile Features

LinkedIn features a massive search algorithms engine during which you’ll only show up in your 1st, 2nd, and 3rd-degree connections searches.

Basically, if you’re not connected with individuals at these levels, you’re invisible to them. believe an individual you would like to attach with if you’ve got 30+ mutual connections, it gives them some quiet insurance to feature you to their network.

Best LinkedIn Profile Secret Connect with Others

Your main goal is to succeed in 500+ 1st-degree connections. It looks like tons but breaks it right down to small milestones like 100, 150, 200 then on, it’ll assist you to focus and be efficient overall.

  • So who are you able to connect with?
  • All the people you recognize within the tech industry. It is often friends, people you bought to understand during conferences/Meetup’s, group organizers you exchanged some words with, lecturers you heard, etc.
  • Other developers in your field (Don’t know that a lot of yet? Soon I’ll be posting a piece of writing about the way to mingle and friend other developers, confirm to see that out).
  • CTO’s, team leaders and senior developers within the field you’re aiming for, also, target employees who work for the businesses you would like
  • Highly endorsed developers within the skills you’re most curious about people titled as a human resource / Hi-Tech recruiters/head hunters.


The world is so big and this is the fact that if you worked on yourself than you will definitely find your dream job or clients which will pay you more than you are expecting. Just work on the tricks and tips and you will definitely find results.

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