Best Email Marketing Guide For Beginner’s 2021

Personals of the digital industry know Email marketing very well. Email marketing is a service that helps us to grow our business. Email marketing is a based on sending emails and developing relationships with prospects and customers.

In this guide, we will go through the process of email marketing. So that you can grow your business 24 * 7 and also build trust of your customer.

What Is Email Marketing?

A part of Digital marketing is also Email marketing, which is dedicated to developing relationships with your customers. If your first customer is from email marketing, then he becomes a recurring customer for you, which gives you a quick feel and growth of business as well.

One advantage of email marketing is that it does not have to be done manually, it is all automated.

Sound Good 🙂

I hope you know about this now. Now there is some process of email marketing and we try to know it.

Advantage of Email Marketing

Now you must be wondering how email marketing can grow our business, what is the importance of our business.

There are many advantages of this marketing, you will be helped to understand Most 3 Importance.

1. Email is Best Communication Channel. Now you might be wondering why email is the best communication. Usually 89% of the people check their email id. You can change your phone number but normally you do not change your Email Address.

2. You are always connected with your customer. To connect your business with the customer, you do it on social media and you also post them on a daily basis and the customer stays connected with you. Your account could be suspended or deleted at any time, for any reason, without any notice. But no one can remove your email from id, it has become a cornerstone of your life.

3. Email is the best for converting customers. You can choose to email your product or service sales because you will mail them to those who will be your real customers. People who buy a product through email, they spend less on that product because they get offers for the product through email.

Email marketing is the best option for you to include product promotions and sales.

Free Email List Software

If you do business online, you are ready to create an email list.

But how to built mail list?

Social media is a medium to build email list..

You need a good email software to create an email list. Constant Contact is a good mail marketing software and it is easy. By the way, software consists of two types, one thing which has to be said is complicated and a software that does things easily.

Many free and paid tools will be available in the market to create an email list. In my experience Mailchimp and Constant Contact is good software for Email marketing.

Features to help you create the best email marketing campaigns and support all of your email marketing.

CRM platform with segmentation capabilities

Good standing with Internet Service Providers

A positive reputation as an email service provider (ESP)

Easy-to-build forms, landing pages, and CTAs

Simple ways to comply with email regulations

Ability to split test your emails

Built-in analytics

Downloadable reports

How to Build Your Email List For Beginner

1#Lead Magnet

Lead magnets are very easy to understand. Like you have seen at many places, 20% off, 50% off any products, this is a process to attract the customer. To make an offer to any customer and take his information from it is called lead magnet. If a customer takes any offer from your lead magnets, then you can send an email to him in return and you can include that email in your email list.

Some problems come with some people that they do not share their personal information with anyone. You can’t expect to receive an personal email address without exchanging it for something valuable product.

lead magnet is useful, relevant, and makes your prospects’ lives easier.

Types of lead magnets :

  • Ebook
  • Whitepaper
  • Report or Study
  • Checklist
  • Template
  • Webinar
  • Tool
  • Course
  • Offer


We can also use it to build the email list, Opt-in is very easy to understand. Through this process, Visitor who came to your website has to sign up and create an email list in the database and offer them something through Lead Magnet.

Opt-in email marketing is the process of inviting website visitors to sign up for your email list.

Email Marketing Tips To Increase Sales

While you probably don’t think twice about the formatting or subject line of an email you send to a friend, email marketing requires a lot more consideration. Everything from the time you send your email to the devices on which your email could be opened matters.

Your goal with every email is to generate more leads, which makes crafting a marketing email a more involved process than other emails you’ve written.

Let’s touch on the components of a successful marketing email:

Copy: The copy in the body of your email should be consistent with your voice and stick to only one topic.

Images: Choose images that are optimized for all devices, eye-catching, and relevant.

CTA: Your call-to-action should lead to a relevant offer and stand out from the rest of the email.

Timing: Based on a study that observed response rates of 20 million emails, Tuesday at 11 AM ET is the best day and time to send your email.

Responsiveness: 55% of emails are opened on mobile. Your email should, therefore, be optimized for this as well as all other devices.

Personalization: Write every email like you’re sending it to a friend. Be personable and address your reader in a familiar tone.

Subject Line: Use clear, actionable, enticing language that is personalized and aligned with the body of the email.

Avoid Spam Filters

You spend time creating the perfect email and adhering to regulations, so the last thing you want is to end up in a spam folder.

You’ll want to avoid the spam folder because:

  • It hurts your deliverability rates across the board.
  • Your contacts will likely miss all of your emails.
  • You won’t be able to accurately measure your email marketing effectiveness.
  • Your analytics will be skewed.

You can avoid being deduced to spam by:

Getting whitelisted.

A whitelist is the opposite of a blacklist, meaning it’s a list of approved senders that are allowed to reach the subscriber’s inbox. The easiest way to accomplish this is to have your new subscriber add your email address to their address book. Include directions on how to do this in your welcome email.

Using a reliable email service provider.

Your email service provider’s reputation affects your deliverability, so stick to established, well-known companies.

Implementing a double opt-in.

After someone opts in to your email list, send an email asking them to confirm. This ensures that your new subscriber is genuinely interested in your emails and will likely be more engaged.

And last but certainly not least, you need to consistently measure the success of your email marketing efforts. There are a number of options you can choose from when it comes to your business’s email marketing analytics. 

There are many ways to increase your mail list, by using those methods, you can grow your email list. These two types will be good for you to make the number of subscribers.

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