Aol Mail Server Settings – How To Set Up IMAP/SMTP

aol mail server setting

AOL webmail is the best way to send and receive emails directly on your browser. But some people feel good by connecting it to a third-party mail client like Apple Mail, Mailspring, or Mozilla Thunderbird. If you want to send or receive mail without opening an AOL account, then you need to set up AOL mail server settings.

In this article, you will be able to understand the process of connecting your AOL mail account with the mail client.

AOL mail is a web-based email service it’s free for everyone. if you do not have an AOL mail account you can create it easily. This mail provides a good interface on web browsers or a lot of services and easy-to-connect email client applications. It means You want to send messages and check your email using other email client apps without the AOL webmail interface.

Why I am connecting AOL mail to Email Clients?.

To speed up work, you must be connected to email client programs (Outlook Express, Apple Mail, and Android App) so that you can make your workflow good. Sometimes it happens that you do not have the capability of the Internet, but how to read mail. By setting up the AOL mail server, you can read the email without the internet.

Open your client’s configuration panel

Aol mail Server setting

How To Setup Your Aol Mail Server with Your Email Program Using IMAP / SMTP

Want to read email and send messages without access the email account from a desktop email program. You can do this by changing the settings of the client-side email program.

SMTP Setting For AOL

UsernameYour full email address
PasswordYour account password

IMAP Setting For AOL

SecuritySSL / TLS
UsernameYour full email address
PasswordYour account password

Finally, you have added your email to the client email app(Window 10, iPhone, Android). You can read mail without any internet connection. If you want to do mobile mail with any other mail services, then these steps will have to be followed. For example, if you want to transfer AOL mail of email to Gmail, you can transfer it by following Easy Step.

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