How To Add Signature In Gmail Step By Step

Add Signature In Gmail Step By Step

Gmail is an email service provided by Google, it is the most high-security email service provider. This email service is the most preferred for small and big businesses. If you use Gmail email service and you want to add signature in Gmail. In this article, you will get complete information about Gmail Signature in your email step by step.

If you are finding about Gmail’s signature or have many questions in your mind, how do i put my information at the bottom of my email gmail or how to insert image in email signature in gmail.

gmail signature format

As you know is important of signature in the corporate world, similarly, your signature is representative of your profile in the digital world. It is in a way like your visiting card, in which small and big information of your business is included.

You can put it at the bottom of your email, for this it is necessary to have a Gmail account, from here you can create a Gmail account.

Importance of Gmail Signature

Signature is a part of professional life, it reflects your personality. You must have used a physical signature at some point in time like bank paper and on the cheque. Signature is very important in the business world, it gives remoteness about your company.

Here are four reasons why a Gmail signature is important and why to add a signature in your email.

1. Professionalism

Whether your business is small or big, you would like to create a good image in the market, for this, you also need to focus on your professionalism.

2. Branding

It is the branding of any product or you are trying to brand yourself. Signature plays an important role in your branding.
It tries to make you stand out from the crowd, as if you send an email to your employee, they will recognize your email as your digital signature identity.

3. Authenticity

As it is showed that you get many emails throughout the day and you are in a job profile, due to which it is important to know the authenticity of emails. It’s easy to spam any email, it’s not good for your business and for you.

The authenticity of your email can be authenticated with a signature.

4. Digital Business Card

Your digital signature is like your business card and visiting card. It keeps all your information together.

If you have a company or are starting a new business, then you can make the customer feel of your presence by adding your signature in the email.

5. Recognizable Easily

When your recipients forward your email, your signature will stand out if it has your email id, contact numbers, website If you send an email to your customer or any of your employees, then you should add your signature.

Your digital signature is used to identify you in the crowd of emails.

Email Signature Format

  • Name.
  • Job title.
  • Company Logo.
  • Phone number.
  • Email address.
  • Website.
  • Company address.

If you want to design an email signature for Gmail then you can click on the given link.

Add A Signature in Gmail?

You can add a signature to your Gmail by following the steps given below.

1. Login to your Gmail account in the tab of your preferred browser.

How to add signature in Gmail | Paperflite | Enter Gmail in Google Chrome

2. Now, Go to the Settings button of Gmail.

How to add signature in Gmail | Paperflite | Gmail Settings

3. After going to the “see all settings” option, click on it.

gmail signature setting

4. Here you go to the General tab of Settings and scroll down to the bottom of your web page and go to the ‘Signature’ section to “Create New” Gmail Signature.

create new gmail signaure

5. After clicking on Create New, you will have to input the name of your new signature.

add new gmail signature name

6. Now you go to the right tab of Signature and click and enter your information like email and website or phone number, logo, image.

gmail signature format

7. If you have filled in your information then you can scroll down your webpage and click on Save Change button.

8. Now your signature will be added to your Gmail email.

Here is how a sample Gmail signature can look:

add your signature in your email

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