3 Best Way For Transfer iCloud Email To Gmail

3 Best Way For Transfer iCloud Email To Gmail

Millions of companies around the world forward mail on email to the customer for their marketing. Whether you are using Yahoo, Gmail, AOL, any mail service. If you use iCloud for emails on iPhone and you are struggling with the space problem of iCloud. You are not able to receive important mail due to the limited space of the iCloud and you are looking for a new solution on how to transfer iCloud email to Gmail on iPhone.

In this article, most of the issues of iCloud like iCloud storage problem, exporting iCloud email to Gmail, how to transfer iCloud emails to another account, and also know about the which tools are best for email backup.

Gmail offers 15 GB of free storage to store emails, documents, media, etc. If there is a storage problem in your Gmail, then you can extend the Gmail quota.Then you need to forward iCloud email to Gmail to clear iCloud storage for the next incoming email.

Here the 3 best solution of transfer/forward emails to gmail on iPhone.

  1. Forward icloud email to Gmail Manually
  2. iCloude.com SMTP or IMAP Setting
  3. Email Backup Tools

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How to Export iCloud Emails to Gmail Manually

Using the manual method, you can only access your new mailbox from Apple iCloud in Gmail.

1. First open your Gmail account and go to the “Setting “option.

2. Now you are on setting tab choose “Account and Import” option and click “Import mail and Contacts”.

3. After that put your iCloud email sign in credentials and log in.

4. And your iCloud IMAP Settings and click “Next”.

5. Finally choose the “Import Mail” option from the list and click Import.

Most email service providers such as Gmail, Yahoo, and Outlook allow users to automatically forward all new messages to a separate email account in a similar manner. Your Gmail and iCloud accounts can even share the same inbox, and you can set up rules to filter emails sent to both addresses.

Transfer iCloud Emails to Gmail Using SMTP or IMAP Setting

One of the coolest features of iCloud Mail is the ability to forward all mail sent to your iCloud ID to a specific email address. Apple iCloud email accounts can be easily accessed from an IMAP-compliant email client or web portal. Users can access Gmail over the web and use third-party programs that sync email content via the POP or IMAP protocols.

You can directly receive email messages from iCloud and then transfer them to Gmail using the IMAP save option. You can choose advanced filter options to transfer selected emails from Gmail account to Gmail.

How to Setup Your Icloud.com Account with Your Email Service Using IMAP or SMTP

To access your Icloud email account from a desktop email program, you’ll need the IMAP and SMTP settings below:

iCloud IMAP Server Setting

Icloud.com IMAP Serverimap.mail.me.com
IMAP port993
IMAP securitySSL / TLS
IMAP usernameYour full email address
IMAP passwordYour Icloud.com password

iCloud SMTP Server Setting

Icloud.com SMTP Serversmtp.mail.me.com
SMTP port587
SMTP usernameYour full email address
SMTP passwordYour Icloud.com password

Email Backup Tools for Transfer Emails To Gmail

If you don’t want to face issues like process delays or other issues, you can use a quick and easy tool to export email from iCloud to Gmail. If you’re looking for a solution to import thousands of emails from Apple iCloud to Gmail, take a third-party approach. Don’t worry, you’ll find the perfect option to transfer email and other data from iCloud to Gmail right here.

Advik iCloud Email Backup Tool

You also learned the step-by-step process of adding iCloud email to your Gmail account. Advik iCloud Email Backup Tool only needs two account details to transfer iCloud mail directly to Gmail account. Advik iCloud Email Backup Tool is designed with advanced migration technology to perform email transfer between two accounts.

Moreover, you can export iCloud to PST, PDF, EML, etc. Despite having several options for saving and transferring emails, Advik iCloud Email Backup Tool has dozens of useful features. Advik Email Migration Tool will minimize your manual efforts to migrate iCloud mail to Google mail. Today I will share two ways you can move iCloud mailbox folders to Google Mail.

Advik iClode Email Backup tool download link : https://download.cnet.com/Advik-Email-Backup-Wizard/3000-2367_4-78390413.html

SysTools Email Backup Tool

You can bulk transfer multiple iCloud account emails to Gmail with SysTools email backup tool. For unlimited transfer of iCloud data to Gmail, you can use this licensed version of this application. The quick and simple tool can easily transfer emails from iCloud to Gmail and other email service providers without any extra effort. The process of migrating email from iCloud to Gmail becomes easy if you follow the simple steps in iCloud account.

Download link : https://www.systoolsgroup.com/gmail-backup/mac.html

Source : sys Tools

Email Backup Wizard

The free trial version of the Email Backup Wizard will allow users to export the first 25 items from each iCloud folder to their Gmail account. The Email Backup Wizard offers the option to batch transfer data from multiple iCloud accounts to a Gmail account in a single process.

If you want your iCloud emails to be automatically forwarded to another address, you’ll find it’s pretty easy to get. Download for Windows Download for Mac Steps to Export iCloud Email to Gmail Account Run the Email Backup Wizard on your Windows PC.

Email Backup Wizard Download link for Windows and Mac

Source : Mail Academy

How Much Space is in the iCloud?

You can use 5GB of free storage for iCloud Photos, iCloud Drive, Mail, Backups, and more. If you need more data storage space, you will need to upgrade it. If you’re one of those people who uses a free iCloud account, you already know that you only have 5 GB of storage for your iPhone data, iTunes, photos, discs, and more.

How do I forward my iCloud emails to another account?

you could have all of your iCloud Mail messages forwarded to another mail account. you can find this beneficial if you use several email accounts owed. Follow the steps given below.

  1. First In Mail on iCloud.com, and click the Settings button icon in the Mailboxes list.
  2. Go to General tab and select “Forward my email to”.
  3. After that enter the forwarding address in the text field.
  4. If you do not want to a copy of each forwarded message in iCloud.
  5. select “Delete messages after forwarding”.
  6. Click Done.

How to forward iCloud email to Gmail on iPhone Automatically?

  1. First In Mail on iCloud.com, and click the Settings button icon in the Mailboxes list.
  2. Go to General tab and select “Forward my email to”.
  3. After that enter the forwarding address in the text field.
  4. If you do not want to a copy of each forwarded message in iCloud.
  5. select “Delete messages after forwarding”.
  6. Click Done.

How To Import iCloud Email to Gmail / G Suite

This video help to Import iCloud Email to Gmail / G Suite to Transfer, Forward and Add iCloud Mails to Google Mail.

Source : RecoveryTools

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