17 Top Black Hat SEO Techniques and can I use This ?

SEO techniques you may have heard many times, it is easy to do and dangerous too and how can it use the Black Hat SEO. Everyone says that blogging is digital word and seo it is a part of it, it helps to index your website.

If you are new to the world of blogging, then make sure that it is not to do it. So you must be wondering what are these techniques?

What Is Black Hat SEO ?

Using wrong policies and going against the search engine’s algorithm, indexing the website is called Black Hat SEO. Some people (spammers) use this seo techniques to rank their website quickly, but this is some time success.

what is black hat seo

So we tell you about the 17 Black Hat So Techniques that it is a great one for you or you have a disadvantage in this, you have to decide.

  1. Invisible Words
  2. To Much Sharing
  3. Keyword Stuffing
  4. Mirror Website
  5. Page hijacking
  6. Optimize Website
  7. Different title and different Post
  8. Very small text
  9. Paid Traffic
  10. Meta Keyword
  11. Duplicate Content
  12. Spam Comments
  13. Domain Grabbing
  14. Link Exchanges
  15. Social Networking Spam
  16. Article Spinning
  17. Cloaking

Invisible Words

It is a part of the Invisible Word to tell your viewer about the other by not giving the correct information to your viewer by highlighting any content or keyword.

This is in the mind but the search engine may not rank and goes on the blacklist. Which causes your website’s indexing to fall.

  1. Including the background and color of a keyword so that it is not visible to the viewer.
  2. Promoting a product using Invisible Word.

To Much Sharing

Sharing is very important to index your new article Google May and it is good for your blog. Repeating the same post is not right for Google indexing.

If you want to share the same post, then you change something in the post and share it, but remember that we do not have to share the same post again and again.

Keyword Stuffing

Keywords are used to index any blog on Google. But doing the keyword again and again gets into Keyword stuffing. If you do the keyword many times, then your blog can be a problem in getting indexed on Google. In this, the Yoast plugin helps you.

With this plugin, you can understand how to do the keyword, how much and where to do the keyword in Blog.

Why Keywords Are Important in SEO | Types Of Keywords?

Mirror Website

Black Hat So Techniques May Mirror website is also the most important part. Doing such techniques can damage your blog.
Let’s understand what a mirror website is.

Ranking Google May by repeating the shame design, images and content of any website is called mirroring.

Page hijacking

Page hijacking in digital marketing means that if you have written an article on your category, then do not put spam links in it.

When the search engine’s crewel reads your content, it saves the original content.

Spam links – Links that are not related to your article.

Page hijacking – There is a dependency on the links, so whenever you add links, you only keep the links related to the content.

Optimize Website

Website design, changing the image repeatedly, turning right to the new look, the website changes are called website optimization.

Theme, images, content are the basis of blogging. You do not use qualitative images to make any images appear related to the content. And on the size of that image you do not give right and change it again and again, similarly you do the same in the theme.

This problem happens with the new blogger, they try to give the best design. So you do not go to the decision and give right to your content.

Different Title and Different Post

The title of an article is important for your blog, the user comes to your blog only when he wants to read the related content of the title.

The bloggers who do black hat so do the same as if the title is something and the content is something else. By doing this, the bounce rate of your blog increases.

Bounce Rate – This is the process that is fundamental to search engines. It records the stopping time on the user’s website.

  1. If the bounce rate increases then the user’s website may not be taking any interest and is closing your website.
  2. If the bounce rate is low, the user is spending more time on your website, this also increases the traffic of your website.

How To Add Title And Meta Description To The Article.

Very Small Text

Traffic is the foundation of your website and the user is dependent on your content. While posting the content in the blog, it is very much that they can have a good experience in reading the user.

The content font should always be mobile friendly.

By doing small text, the user has a problem reading and he gets away from your blog and you lose traffic.

Paid Traffic

Now you must be wondering why this paid traffic is in black hat SEO?

So let me tell you, depending on the website, there is a dependency on the traffic, even if it is paid. Paid traffic breaks Google’s guideline. Whatever website, whether it is Facebook or Google Ad-sense, is a part of Black Hat SEO.

Meta Keyword

Keywords are very important for writing any blog. The keyword itself tells that you have written content about the keyword.
Meta keyword tags are used to link a keyword to a blog.

  <meta charset=”UTF-8″>
  <meta name=”keywords” content=”What is Black Hat SEO, How can I use a black hat SEO”>

Google does not give any importance to meta keywords because some people may be manipulated to get traffic from black hat SEO.

Now days are no longer on indexing keywords but on the unique content of the blog.

Duplicate Content

There are many ways to have duplicate content, both technical and non-technical. To prevent duplicate content on your website, it only happens that you can use the yoast plugin to prevent such content.

Spam Comments

More new bloggers comment on different websites to make a do-follow link, but this black hat comes in seo. Before ever commenting, check that it is related to your blog and also check Alexa Ranking.

Domain Grabbing

Domains may also rank. Sowing and indexing the domain of a big blog from its related domain is domain grubbing.

Link Exchanges

Link exchanges create do-follow backlinks to your website, but it is good, but some people have started using it incorrectly. Backlinks improve your website ranking. The source of traffic also depends on the backlinks.

Tools for making good backlinks are available, but they are not the right way to make backlinks.

Social Networking Spam

Sharing is a simple way to bring traffic to your website, but it can also be very serious.

If you share a blog on social media, then there is traffic on your site. Repeatedly sharing the same post in different groups on social media leads to social spamming.

Article Spinning

In this process, the content of any website can be written by manipulating the content of your blog. Article spinning tools are available on digital platform, you can change the article using these tools but it is not 100% unique.

The content it contains in the article should be unique, it is helpful to rank your website.

To bring more traffic to your website, more and more content is not wanted to be written and they make a mistake, which causes the blog to be indexed.


Most of the time he is clocking in black hat. This is a technique that is done to avoid the googlebot. If the content that is visible to the user and the content to the search engine crawler is different, then it is called clocking.

Suppose you searched “How Make Money Online” on Google and the search engine presented a blog similar to the keyword.
When you click on a website, then the absence of content in that blog and giving information of any other product is like a clocking.

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