How to Get 1000 followers on Instagram For Free

1000 followers on Instagram

When you think of doing your business or personal marketing on social media platforms such as Instagram, then you have to increase your followers’ listing. This article shows the best tip on how to get 1000 followers on Instagram for free so you can both save time and money.

It is a good idea to increase your traffic or to increase your business, you can use Instagram in any way. Whenever a celebrity or a company or small business accounts for a new Instagram, they first think about the followers.

How can I increase the number of my Instagram followers? This is simple, you can do all this, just you have to pay focus to some points of Instagram like how to use the hash tag, how to write a bio, and how to find trending hashtags.

1000 Free Instagram Followers

1k, 50k, 100k followers on Instagram, a very important part of an Instagram influencer. Reaching your first 1000 followers on Instagram can look like a huge wall when you have only 40 Or 60 followers and some of them is because you are following them too. There is also one problem“how and where to begin”. If you are very talented and creative that can help you to go viral in one post then congratulations but this isn’t for normal people.

Instagram users are more willing to follow back those Instagram account that:

  • Look attractive and real, both..
  • Who’s followers are more than the account is following..
  • Have beautifully designed feed of posts..
  • And a great “bio” description..

and you can also earn money from Instagram if you have a lot of followers.

Let’s start simple and easy ways to reaching 1k or 1000 followers on Instagram.

What is an Instagram Bio?

Telling someone about yourself or your business is a small way of summary. Similarly, by using Instagram Bio, you can tell about you and your business. Instagram bio, you can include a short description, contact information, emojis, and more.

Some people make their Instagram bio unique to appear in the people, for this, they use different font and style. In this, you can include one external link, hashtags, and a username and you can also customize separately from your Instagram handle.

Instagram Handles like @user.

How To Use Instagram Bio To Get 1k or 1000 followers

Take a good and clear picture of yourself and then make it your profile photo (you can also say “d.p.”). Write meaningful bio like who you are what your work is but don’t write like cake murder on this and that day, sayari and all.

When you’re writing an Instagram bio make sure that you write clear and exact thing, what your Instagram account is going to be about. Give Instagram users a reason to follow you and keep checking your profile. Remember, your Instagram bio should be in front of people in such a way that they remember you and follow you.

Your bio can prove to be an important issue in increasing the list of 1000 followers of Instagram.

instagram Bio
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What your Instagram bio needs to complete

In 150 words you can complete and attractive with Instagram Bio and display your profile. Get it done with the tips given below.

  • To increase the number of followers on Instagram, you should provide your contact information.
  • In your bio, you should provide information about your business and how to connect with you.
  • Whenever you are promoting, you should input your business website in the Instagram bio.
  • Sharing or viewing content, registering for an event, or heading to your websites to make a purchase of products.

Increase Your Instagram Followers Using High-Quality Pictures

Whoever you are a photographer, a food blogger or a travel blogger and whatever you are posting, use only best quality pictures. Instagram is a seeing platform, so using high quality images that extend is support for getting more followers.

cute post on instagram

Use different types of filter like we all know that in Instagram we can turn our normal photos into amazing, even normal food dish also look delicious in Instagram, isn’t it. Even normal beach or mountain photos look like heaven. People also using Instagram as photo clear app.

smile girls post on instagram

So in many ways, whatever your work is, Instagram can make it viewable your profile. It will also help you to attract Instagrammer and will addicted your account and may follow you in future. The more attention snatching your image is the more you will attract followers.

Use Hashtags To Increase Followers On Instagram

Hashtags is one of the best way to increase your followers. There is no limit to using hashtags, it can be 2 or 40 and more. But in my opinion, use only important and selective hashtags that is useful for you, don’t fling a group of hashtags into your post and wish for the best.

Targeting specific keywords in hashtags can significantly increase your followers. There is benefits of using hashtags that if you are food blogger and you write #foodcourt or #food then whoever click this hashtags your post will show up automatically.

Types of Instagram Hashtag(#)

Instagram users can use any kind of hashtag for their posts as it increases the chances of your organic search. Mostly, we have told you about the hashtag that can happen, by using the hashtag, you can increase the follower.


  1. Event Hashtags
  2. Campaign Hashtags
  3. Trending Hashtags
  4. Category Hashtags
  5. Brand Hashtags

Event Hashtags

event hashtag instagram followers

It is very easy to understand about the event when you organize a party, then you want to put it in front of people because people understand and talk about it. To ask people to speak, you will be able to use a simple event hashtag to bring people to you and that will list the list of your followers.








Campaign Hashtags

campaign hashtag 1000 followers on Instagram

Use the campaign hashtag to insecure your followers, because with this hashtag, the app notices people that a product is about to be launched. The time limit is specified in it as it is for some time. If you post a post on Instagram for your business, then you and that are dependent on time, then you can use the campaign hashtag in your post.







Trending Hashtags

tranding hashtag instagram followers

The trending hashtag is very helpful in increasing the number of followers because it represents the work that happens in the present. It is a good idea to share any information that you have in the present with your followers. By trending hashtags, I mean that if a company is going to bring its product to the market, then you can generate its trends.

#beautiful #cute #beauty #trendy #youtube #picoftheday #mumbai #meme #followme #comment #tamil #viralvideos #art #insta #fashionblogger #d #lifestyle #bgm #stayhome #life







Instagram Stories To Gain Your 1000 or 1k Followers

Making or designing Instagram Stories that not only look awesome but gives back your Instagram aesthetic really pays off when it comes to upward your followers.

First of all, having our Instagram Stories feed post and website branding associated means you can raise your account in public. To make your Instagram Stories more attractive, you can use highlights to handle traffic (even if you have less followers). Use Gifs, stickers, different types of fonts and filters.

Now you can also make reels which is trending in now a days then your followers will know what to count out when they modulate to your stories and will willing to watch every time you post something new to Instagram Stories.

Always Engage With Your Folowers

If you engage with your followers, start replying their reaction and comments or DM them. In your stories, you can use a poll or a question sticker to ask a question. This is also one of the best way to increase your followers. In the beginning of this, they may not be write anything or react.

Put yourself engagement aim

Put aside a definite amount of time every day to reply to comments or DM on your own Instagram and also comment on others account that are applicable to you. It’s very important to be real and true when commenting and have something good to reply or comment.

It doesn’t have to be innovative but it’s always good to reference the image or caption amd show your real interest in the post and the account.

Follow the accounts engaging with your competitor’s content

You should be follow those accounts who genuinely engaging with your competitor’s content. It’s not dishonest and it’s also not follow for follow. Think once as making people who are same as you and interested in what you have to offer.

After all, you want to pick out the right accounts and not just following everyone for hoping that they will follow back. How to do it?  Alas! You have to do little work on it and search for your competitor’s handle on Instagram and add their followers manually.

However, keep doing that even if it looks like you are talking to yourself for now. The important part is that you want people to start engaging on your feed and in your stories.

You can also go to your ideal clients’ profiles first, comment on their feed for a period of time, watch their stories and leave comments. Also don’t forget to DM them to introduce yourself.

I know, it’s take time, but it will definitely help you to grow your followers.

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