10 LinkedIn Marketing Tips To Get Engagements for 2021

LinkedIn marketing tips

LinkedIn has always been a great social media channel for a Business to Business(B2B) Market place and with this platform, you need to understand some of the LinkedIn Marketing Tips which will help you boost building your audience.

From building personal brands on LinkedIn to establishing yourself as an influential thought leader within your niche, LinkedIn is a great platform to get started.

These tools and tips will definitely give you results if you constantly keep working on this.

So to help with this in this post we will go through the LinkedIn marketing tips to get more and more engagements in 2021 including how much you should be posting when to post, what to post.

Tips of LinkedIn Marketing

Discovering Some Of The Cool 10 Tips of LinkedIn Marketing

  1. Post Content regularly But Not Too Much.
  2. Sharing Video and Visual Content.
  3. Don’t just share your own content.
  4. Avoid using lots of Automation.
  5. Don’t be salesy.
  6. Go Live.
  7. Tagging influences and employees.
  8. Create LinkedIn specific content.
  9. Optimize your content on the basis of Analysis.
  10. Tips of Hashtags in LinkedIn Marketing.

Start following these steps and you will be well while building and levering your LinkedIn presence in 2021.

1) Post Content Regularly But Not Too Much

Well maintaining consistency on any social media platform is necessary and is also true with LinkedIn but posting too much can hurt your engagement rate.

Yes it is true that posting too much on LinkedIn can lower your engagements on the posts. 

According to research if you post more than 50 times in a month then you will see on average about 26 engagements while on the other hand when you post about 30-50 times a month then you will see an engagement of 56 or more.

And if you do less than 30 posts a month than you will receive even more engagements on average.

Based on this I recommend you to posting at least 2-3 times a week but not more than 30 posts a month for optimal engagement.

2) Sharing Video and Visual Content

According to research, posting images on LinkedIn can get up-to 94% more total views. Well it’s not just including images but you can also include videos, slides or podcasts and also back in 2019 LinkedIn has also introduced documents which can be added as a carousel post.

One thing you should keep in mind while posting the content is that you should directly post your content on LinkedIn rather than uploading links of other platforms like YouTube or Facebook.

3) Don’t just Share Your Own Content

It’s a myth that sharing only your content will get you more engagements but the truth is that you should post your content only once or twice in a week and should reshare the content of other content creators.

You should follow 4-1-1 rule which says that:-

“For every one self-serving post , you should repost one relevant post and more importantly share four pieces of relevant content written by others.”

4) Avoid Using Lots of Automation

Yes automation can be a great time saver but this can also damage the visibility of your post. Building an audience on LinkedIn with use of lots of automation can damage your profile and will decrease the reach of the content you are delivering to your audience.

Let us understand this with an example : So if there is a blog contenting “X” keywords and you post it on LinkedIn. But we see people doing this hundreds and thousands of times per month.

5) Don’t be Salesy

Yeah you are obviously looking  to market yourself or your business, but it’s best to avoid being salesy or talking too much about your products in your LinkedIn posts.

So let’s say for instance don’t try to post directly about the product as this will feel like an advert and then people turn away from this. It is better to reach out to the people and try engaging with them and building relationships with them. And then asking them to go to the website or landing page.

At an early stage don’t go salesy instead try growing your network.

6) Go Live

This cool feature of LinkedIn can literally change your LinkedIn content game. Try going live as much as you can using LinkedIn livestream or live webinar or just a regular podcast.

According to research 79% of marketers say that going live with your audience leads to more authentic  interactions. While 82% of the audience love to watch live content rather than reading a social post.

 Also LinkedIn live has seen more interactions of about 7x more and 24x more comments and likes as compared to the regular video upload.

7) Tagging Influences and Employees

Tagging also plays a main role in reaching more people. While you tag someone they just get a notification rather depending on whether the person is your connection or not.  

Also you need to tag an appropriate connection otherwise this will be a little spammy.

Don’t just tag bunch of people  in one LinkedIn post. This will create a fuss and your post will not look reader friendly which results in losing the connections and engagements.

8) Create LinkedIn Specific Content

Content is not the king but it’s the kingdom. What is LinkedIn specific content?

Well it means that when you create a post , there is temptation to upload it everywhere on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook business page or twitter.

However one thing which you should keep in mind is that there would be some users which are the same on every platform. In this case they will repeatedly watch the same content and get bored.

This results in low reach and engagement. So try making different content strategies for LinkedIn. It would be better to create original post for other platforms.

9) Optimize Your Content on the Basis of Analysis

This step is one of the most important steps while creating and posting your content. For analysis of the content you have to follow several steps :

  1. Click on the ‘Me’ icon on the top of your LinkedIn page.
  2. Now after you go to ‘Manage
  3. After this tap on ‘Posts and Activity’.   

There you will find recent posts with an analytic icon below. Now here is the real magic.

You will find the real time information of the posts you have shared. By this you will better understand the audience as well as the posts which are performing well.

10) Tips of (#)Hashtags in LinkedIn Marketing

The game of hashtags can make your post get much higher engagement than the normal post without hashtags.

Adding hashtags to your posts will help people discover your posts easily and differentiate from other creators’ posts.

Try clicking on “Discover More” under “Followed Hashtags” at the bottom of the left of the LinkedIn homepage. Also you can discover new hashtags by clicking on 3 dots and then ‘Discover new hashtags’.


LinkedIn market keeps on growing day by day and is likely to become an increasingly influential potential as we move on after this Covid-19 crisis into a new world of eCommerce building.

Thus it is going to give new opportunities for everyone out there who is thinking of starting a new brand or trying to build an audience on LinkedIn in 2021.

Following these tips and tricks will leverage your presence on LinkedIn but also you have to keep yourself updated and find new tools and features which will suit your audience and business.

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